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We are Intersol Global
Providers of Investigation
and Investigative Interviewing Solutions


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With associates worldwide, we work strategically with partners to combine subject matter expertise, forensic psychology, and non-technical skills, to train, qualify, advise and conduct investigations, fact-finding interviews and associated services across sectors that include Financial Services, Human Resources and Workplace Inquiries, Legal, Health, Education, and Sport, Regulators, Health and Safety, Audit and Governance, Regulation and Control (GRC), Government, NGOs and Charities.

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Our Sectors

At Intersol Global we train, qualify, advise and conduct, investigations and inquiries. We deliver investigative interviewing solutions that enable clients from a range of business sectors to deliver ‘Extraordinary Case Management’ (ECM®).


Latest News and Updates

Intersol launch their new 3rd party outsourced investigation service. A £1.5 million reason to consider expert support with investigations.

*Intersol launch their new 3rd party outsourced investigation service. A £1.5 million reason to consider expert support with investigations, the cost of settlements with staff and students between 2016 and 2019, excluding legal costs, for just one UK University. 62% [...]

Rape Prosecution Process

Rape Prosecution Process Whilst we are not directly involved in the investigation of rape to the criminal standard of proof, we are very much involved in its investigation to the civil standard (known as balance of probabilities) in discipline investigations. [...]

Confirmation Bias – The value and Importance of ‘Neutral Language’ in Workplace/Discipline Investigations  

Confirmation bias is perhaps the greatest nemesis of an investigator. It is a form of cognitive bias that involves favouring information that confirms previously existing beliefs. They not only impact how information is gathered but also influence how we interpret [...]


What our customers say about the services we deliver

“Intersol Global have halved the time it takes to finalise an investigation and deliver them for half the cost”

Student Services, Higher Education

“This has been without doubt the best and most valuable training course I’ve done in over 20yrs as a lawyer”

Senior Litigation Partner, Global Law Firm

“Can someone tell me why auditors aren’t getting this training at the outset of their careers rather than the end!”

Global Bank Audit Manager, New York

“Absolutely brilliant and relevant. An excellent course, very professional with a balance of experienced professionals and subject knowledge experts – best course undertaken in a long time”

Australian Regulator

“I just wanted to say personally a huge thank you for what you delivered here today. I know that staff have been talking about how good both sessions were and the relevance to our services, they have been really empowered and inspired”.

Social Service Safeguarding, HR Head

“What a great course, wish I’d had this training years ago, it really has added to my interview skills. The instructors (named) were first class and clearly knew their subject matter. It was great that the scenarios we worked with were relevant and meaningful and the patience and support of the instructors was really appreciated. I just want to have more specialist training to develop my skill further. Thanks”.

Australian Regulator

“Thank you for an extremely well received presentation at our seminar last week. It was thoroughly interesting and our members especially enjoyed the interactive nature of your discussion. It is refreshing not to be just talked at. You did an excellent job and we are thankful for your comprehensive input into our seminar”

BALPPA – Health and Safety

“Quite simply the most valuable and informative training I have ever received; delivered by passionate and committed trainers who were clearly subject matter experts with many years of experience and currency. Contemporary training of great relevance to my workplace interviews and wish I’d had it years ago!”

Internal auditor, International Bank, New York

“The training and tools that Intersol Global provided enabled both my managers and myself to be more planned and equipped to fulfil the rigors of this test when managing particularly difficult and multi-faceted disciplinary investigations. A well-mapped investigation is vital. Intersol Global have created a brilliant universal framework that all people managers should use”.

Rachel Adamson - Chartered MCIPD September 2018

“Intersol have always been accessible and supportive, especially when a new or unusual scenario raises new questions; Intersol have always been willing to talk to us about any issues and remain an important source of external expertise as we continue to develop our work in this area”.

Dr Kelly Prince, Serious Incident Officer, Keele University, September 2018

Our Clients

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