Investigation and Investigative Interviewing Specialists

Intersol are world-leading subject matter experts in investigation and interviewing, working with any entity that relies on fact, accuracy, and detail, to inform critical decision-making and deliver all the elements that comprise ‘Extraordinary Case Management’ (ECM®).

With associates worldwide, we work strategically with partners to combine subject matter expertise, forensic psychology, and non-technical skills, to train, advise and conduct investigations, fact-finding interviews and associated services across sectors that include Financial Services, Human Resources and Workplace Inquiries, Legal, Health, Education, and Sport, Regulators, Health and Safety, Audit and Governance, Regulation and Control (GRC), Government, NGOs and Charities.

Intersol Global the chosen partner and provider of evidence based investigation and interview solutions to any entity that values Extraordinary Case Management (ECM®) – The Mark of Investigation Quality.

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What We Do
Investigation and Investigative Interviewing
What We Do

Intersol train, advise and conduct investigations (inquiries) and investigative interviewing enabling the constant reinforcement of competence and relevance.

We position the investigation and fact-finding investigative interviews as the DNA of Case Management to make the process ‘Extraordinary’ (ECM®) and secure a range of business benefits including:

  • improved management of your risk and reputation
  • increased efficiencies and reduction in costs for your business
  • protection of your brand and underpinning company values
  • improved confidence, motivation and wellbeing of your staff
  • reassurance of the regulators and avoidance of sanctions
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Who We Work With

Every business relies on fact-finding meetings and conversations (interviews) the output of which needs to be as accurate, reliable and detailed as possible to best inform the decision-maker(s).

Sometimes those conversations can be difficult and present a need to challenge the business.

Intersol work with businesses from all these sectors to support staff development and on occasion work with the business to support them with the more high-stakes and complex inquiries, bringing to bear a unique blend of expertise and skills specific to the sector with our Critical Incident Review Team.

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