In an inspiring collaboration, Symplicity, a global technology leader in higher education and Intersol Global, renowned for investigative solutions in the workplace, are joining forces to revolutionise case management solutions for universities across the United Kingdom.

The partnership between Symplicity Advocate and Intersol Global in the UK signifies a major milestone in the shared mission to strengthen student support systems and incidents via an integrated, secure and intuitive platform. Together, they aim to assist universities in effectively managing crucial student concerns, primarily encompassing harassment and sexual misconduct.

In the context of the upcoming Office for Students (OfS) regulation related to addressing harassment and sexual misconduct, higher education institutions (HEIs) are recognising the importance of a professional, trauma-informed, fact-finding process when dealing with incidents. Combined with case management technology designed and developed for higher education conduct and complaints, HEIs are putting themselves in a strong position to drive important change within the sector and wider society.

“In relation to the issue of harassment and sexual misconduct within higher education, we are at a juncture that requires all sector players – universities, regulators, government, vendors and the rest – to step up and develop innovative ways of building partnerships that foster meaningful and tangible change. We are thrilled to embark on this collaborative journey with Intersol Global, which promises a positive impact on our educational community. We are excited to continue to support universities in the UK with our leading Symplicity Advocate solution, empowering them to track and address student conduct processes transparently and proactively. Through this partnership, we aim to create a safer and more supportive environment for all students, reinforcing the commitment to their overall wellbeing and success,” said Thomas Jepsen, President of International at Symplicity.

“Having worked across eight sectors, ranging from financial services to sport, healthcare and legal, we are thrilled to have found a partner that underpins all of these via best-in-class technology and a deep-rooted knowledge of higher education, which is our fastest growing area,” said Ian Hynes, Director Partner at Intersol Global.

This dynamic partnership aims to set a new standard for student support in higher education. By combining their expertise, Symplicity and Intersol Global are set to redefine case management solutions, enriching the lives of students and fostering excellence in the UK’s higher education sector.