At Intersol Global we believe that primacy for the investigation of reports of sexual offending and misconduct must always reside with the police.

We also believe that adults have a right to make an informed choice as to whether they report the matter to the police or not and understand that in some instances, on a risk to others basis, those receiving reports of sexual misconduct may be justified in overriding the individual’s choice and report the matter to the police.

In all cases, reporting parties must be supported, and their welfare needs to be addressed.

Our highly experienced investigators are increasingly called upon to act as impartial external investigators to conduct and manage investigations into circumstances, reported as potential breaches of sexual misconduct policy, which if they had been reported to the police would be investigated as potential criminal offenses.

When Intersol Global is commissioned, our investigators follow a trauma-informed investigation process and ensure that the relationship between investigation and welfare case management, complies with the statutory principles of civil law and criminal law. Respecting the guiding principles of investigation processes governed by statute and guided by policy.

Intersol Global specialist investigators have decades of experience in both civil and criminal investigations and are always mindful that at any stage of a civil investigation, criminal investigation and process might assume precedence and primacy for any number of reasons.

Intersol Global will ensure that the firm and solid foundations upon which investigation case management is constructed will ensure that fairness and natural justice are delivered for all stakeholders.

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