To meet increasingly diverse operational demands Intersol Global are proud to announce a team expansion after recruiting 15 new Investigators and an additional Case Manager. The new recruits bring together years of experience in subject matter expert training. The demand has been created by increasing reports of serious sexual misconduct, bullying, harassment and racism that merit support by external experts.

Mick Confrey, Intersol Global Operations Director said:

“Our expert team investigate wide-ranging discipline issues so it is imperative that they represent the diverse nature of 21st century society and culture and are empathetic with the parties involved. Integrity of the team will never be compromised and It boasts peerless investigation Knowledge, Understanding, Skills, Attitude, and Behaviour (KUSAB)”. Our investigation strategies and tactics have NEVER been successfully challenged” 

After organizations failing to carry out successful internal investigations, Intersol Global identified training opportunities for internal staff of these companies, to ensure adequate, fair, and thorough investigations lead to successful solutions. Intersol’s team expansion will ensure this support.

Ian Hynes, Intersol Global CEO said:

“At IG we understand that most discipline infringements are investigated internally so we support clients by relevantly training and qualifying them to conduct those investigations better to deliver more reliable and accurate outcomes for ALL parties. Outside those simple volume investigations, we increasingly support institutions with complex, complicated, and high-risk investigations as external experts”. 

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