Here at Intersol Global, we are renowned globally for our expertise in forensically interviewing witnesses and managing difficult conversations, particularly with those who are key to an inquiry or who are impacted by trauma.

So when Pinsent Masons lawyers were instructed by Manchester City Football Group to inquire about the extent of football coach Barry Bennell’s sexual abuse of young players, Intersol Global’s qualified team of Investigators were carefully commissioned to conduct the interviews of witnesses.

“Working in support of the legal team at Pinsent Masons continues to be a pleasure and privilege. Without exception, the professionalism, dedication, and sensitivity of every lawyer we’ve met has been unstinting. That they chose us to train and qualify their partners in the skill of forensic investigative interviewing is a terrific accolade. Thank you” Ian Hynes CEO Intersol Global

“Intersol Global are the world leaders in investigative interviewing and interview witnesses professionally, ethically, sensitively, and non-judgementally” Julian Diaz-Rainey, Partner

Understanding the many advantages and benefits of skilled forensic interviewing, Pinsent Masons appointed us to deliver accredited training to a cohort of Senior Lawyers, those of whom became the first in the world to achieve our Level 3 Qualification in Investigative Interviewing and Managing Difficult Conversations.

Business benefits of skilled Forensic Interviewing include:

  • Significantly more information
  • Enhanced reputation and risk management
  • Significant time and money savings
  • Management of trauma and positive impact on wellbeing
  • Stakeholder engagement
  • Planned interviews with clear objectives
  • Consistency of service delivery

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