HR Poll displays how the role of an Investigator is misperceived
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A recent webinar hosted by ACAS and CIPD (see: reinforced the importance of informal resolutions and examined many of the “what to do’s” to ensure compliance with the ACAS investigation guidelines that endorse the principle of ‘fairness’ in workplace investigations.

What it didn’t do was address the “How to do’s”

Worryingly It also drove out the headline finding that almost half of the HR professionals in attendance thought that the role of the investigator is to GATHER EVIDENCE TO SUPPORT THE ALLEGATION, the presenter making it quite clear that those of that opinion were mistaken.

It is not an overstatement that HR investigations poorly conducted cost lives, careers, and reputations, let alone the associated financial damage. The author’s personal experience of HR investigations is key to the reason Intersol Global focus on supporting the profession to conduct a better workplace investigation

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