Would you prefer to avoid a discipline tribunal? If you can’t avoid it do you want to be as well prepared as you can?

On the day ACAS promoted their latest round of mock disciplinary tribunal training it’s worth a moment of reflection to better understand how you’ve got to that situation.

Ask any lawyer what they examine first in a case and most will answer the investigation ‘process’.

This tactic is based on the principle of ‘Active Defence’ (Ede & Shepherd 2000), the active forensic undermining of the investigation methodology and process. It relies on the fact that all investigations will only ever be as good as the foundations upon which they are built.

It really is that simple as is the fact that investigations poorly conducted cost lives and careers.

So why do organisations persist in entrusting such risk to the unqualified? A question the team at Intersol Global have been asking for 5 years.

It’s also the reason we designed and delivered the only vocational, externally accredited training in the world to conduct HR investigative meetings (interviews).

If you are a HR professional and conduct investigative meetings that inform discipline investigations this level 3 qualification is not just ‘nice’ to have, it’s a ‘MUST’ have.

A colleague’s career, livelihood, even life, are the chips you are gambling with.

At Intersol we train, qualify, advise and conduct investigations. Training is delivered online or in person.

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