Covid 19. Attitude and Behaviour – Betaris Box

Never has a psychological learning model been so appropriate than in the extraordinary times the world now faces and whether Betaris is a person or place remains debatable.

But what has Betaris got to do with the Covid 19 pandemic?

What isn’t debatable is that once you grasp the principles of this model and moderate your attitudes and behaviours accordingly, the impact on your life and those around you has the potential to be life-changing.

That MY attitude and behaviour has potential to impact and reflect itself and effect YOUR attitude and behaviour speaks clearly for itself. Only by interrupting this cycle will we resolve conflict and moderate, hopefully improve, behaviour – others and ours; mine and yours!

Apply this to perhaps the most testing times of a generation and it’s very easy to see how hoardes of people in the UK behaved as they did in the first days of the Covid 19 ‘lockdown’. Displaying an attitude akin to celebration, many tripping to the countryside, partying, behaving inconsiderately and flouting the advice of experts to the detriment and well-being of society.

Conversely, gradually over the following days attitudes and behaviours slowly moderated as people came to heed and comply with advice, the positivity of the principles of Betaris Box.

We learn, mimic, and replicate the behaviour of others – for good and evil.

There will always be the feral minority that will never comply, disobey the rules and who are beyond influence but the vast majority will and do.

All at Intersol Global wish you and those nearest and dearest to you the best of health in this time of crisis. We will weather this storm and emerge wiser for the experience and even more tolerant and respectful of others. 

May Betaris’ Box rule the world with positive and healthy attitudes and behaviours as we navigate these uncharted waters!