Business as (un)usual – Our online solution for workplace discipline investigations and virtual investigation meetings.

It is a sad reality that even in times of catastrophic crisis there remains a demand to conduct workplace investigations. If anything it is even more vital that they are conducted with skill, sensitivity, and empathy, the crisis faced by all is challenging enough without added strains of inconsiderate and insensitive  investigation.

It is equally critical that investigations already underway or awaiting outcomes are not neglected or overlooked, adding additional strain on those involved; long-term well-being and mental health must remain central to decision-making. Business continuity, disaster recovery, and resilience have always been part of our decision-making model and strategic thinking.

With these factors at the core of our internal planning we recently moved our investigation case management onto our new Intersol Global CM platform, designed with our partners at Polonious, which enables seamless integration with other investigation tools such as securely encrypted digital evidence storage, interviews, cctv, documents, and other material. Our investigators are able to work remotely and, through dreadful force of circumstance, perhaps even more efficiently, as we all navigate the challenging times ahead.

Experienced investigators will appreciate that even in the digital evidence era the investigative meeting is usually central to determining the investigation plan and subsequent actions and outcomes. That meeting relies on the forensic psychology of ‘people’, combining technical and non-technical (soft) skills, specialist skills that take time to perfect.

Practiced incompetently they can, and do, destroy lives and careers.

The prevailing climate has driven the need to develop a protocol for conducting those investigation meetings online and we now offer that solution in conjunction with our other virtual investigation services and solutions.

A small part of that protocol is how to plan for online investigation meetings. As a Skillsfirst recognised awards centre we deliver a short virtual online course with some tips and tools to help that planning and have removed the charge for the training so as to open it up to as many who’d like to access it. It is now available FREE at:

Our team quite uniquely trains, qualifies, advises, AND conducts investigations and investigative interviews. It is that operational currency that makes the training proportionate and relevant to your industry sector. Clients have termed it the ‘Intersol Lifebelt’ although we would prefer it not to need launching! Our business model is ‘invest to save’, perhaps never so poignant sadly.


With our Extraordinary Case Management partners we have fused technology with our investigation skills delivering a unique combination that really is ‘the difference that makes the difference’ and if you’d like to know more about how we might help you please don’t hesitate to contact the team at

Advice costs nothing, we’re just passionate about quality investigation.

We extend our very best wishes to all in this time of crisis and will hopefully emerge from it a little more circumspect and aware of the needs of others.

Best wishes,

The Intersol Global Investigation Team