*Intersol launch their new 3rd party outsourced investigation service.

A £1.5 million reason to consider expert support with investigations, the cost of settlements with staff and students between 2016 and 2019, excluding legal costs, for just one UK University.

  • 62% of all students have experienced sexual violence
  • Serious sexual assault reports double in 4 years to over 3,500 since 2015
  • 1,655 complaints of serious sexual misconduct by students and staff between 2017 and 2020, but only 2% felt satisfied with the reporting and investigation process

Does your institution have aninvestigatory process that is demonstrably fair, independent, and free from any reasonable perception of bias? This may include consideration of, and consultation with, appropriate expertise” in compliance with the Office for Students (OfS) Statement of Expectations, 2021?

  • Does it have capacity, capability, and confidence to manage traumatic serious misconduct investigations in the best interests and for the well-being of all?
  • Are you confident of withstanding scrutiny if your investigation is reviewed and audited?
  • Could your managers spend their time more productively and appropriately?

By outsourcing your investigation training, advice, and operational support to Intersol Global you will

  • Deliver on the OfS statement expectations of fairness, independent, and unbiased investigation
  • Address capacity, capability, and confidence issues
  • Withstand internal and external scrutiny whilst significantly improving the well-being and productivity of ALL your stakeholders

You will be amazed at just how cost-effective and beneficial our investigation specialist third-party support services are. If you want to secure and deliver ALL these benefits just drop us a line to info@intersolglobal.com requesting more information, or head to https://www.intersolglobal.com/resources/education/

See link to additional information an a flyer here: HE Flyer

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