Do you conduct discipline panel hearings?

Do you sit in judgment on discipline panels?

Have you ever had any training on the subject?

Do you feel qualified to determine the lives and livelihoods of others?

Would training help prepare for that responsibility?

Intersol Global recently delivered specialist training to university discipline panel members. Our L&D director, John Crook, was assisted by Nick Hawkins, barrister, of The Hawkins Consultancy.

“It was an excellent day. Feedback was great from everyone who attended”

The training was blended, including virtual online modules and face-to-face role-play, and attracted universally positive feedback.

“Such valuable input, thanks Nick and John”

As a senior leader comprising a discipline panel, you are charged with significant responsibility to assess the evidence that will determine student futures. If you or your institution are interested in specialist training for panel members email the Intersol Global team at