Our Services

World leaders in investigation, managing challenging conversations and workplace meetings; we work with you to protect your brand and reputation, add value, reduce cost and manage risk by supporting and enabling Extraordinary Case Management (ECM®)

What we do

Intersol train, advise and conduct investigations (inquiries) and investigative interviewing enabling the constant reinforcement of competence and relevance.
We position the investigation and fact-finding investigative interviews as the DNA of Case Management to make the process ‘Extraordinary’ (ECM®) and secure a range of business benefits including:

  • improved management of risk and reputation
  • increased efficiencies and reduced costs
  • protection of your brand and underpinning company values
  • improved confidence, motivation and wellbeing of your staff
  • reassurance of the regulators and avoidance of sanctions.
  • Train, Advise, and Conduct Investigations and Investigative Interviews
  • Investigation and Interviewing Tools
  • Investigation Interviewing Strategies AND Tactics
  • Forensic Investigation and interviewing Reviews
  • Complex Case Reviews
  • Extraordinary Case Management (ECM®) Solutions
  • Forensic Linguistics
  • Accreditation, Qualification and CPD
  • Interview Recording Solutions
  • Expert Witness Services
  • Whistleblower De-briefing and Insider Threat
  • Detecting Deception
  • Note-taking Skills
  • Coaching and Mentoring

Ethically effective and compliant investigation AND interviewing to enable ECM.

All too many providers of investigation and investigative interviewing consultancy and training seek to sell the prospective client an “off the shelf package”. This is convenient for the provider. It takes little effort and the provider can call upon any generic trainer to deliver it. He or she does not need to know about, or take into account, the world in which the recipient works and the particular demands and constraints involved. It leaves the recipient with the challenge of marrying up the delivered to the realities of the recipient’s working environment.

Intersol will never be that type of provider. We are far from being generic trainers. Our consultant practitioners and consultant academics pride themselves on delivering bespoke products, and being subject to Intersol’s quality control and continuing professional development programme.

To tailor what we provide to you in order to match what you need we engage in the core investigative skill of listening intently – as well as observing and researching. We share in your aspirations. We exercise business empathy: getting round to your side of the circle – to see the issue/problem from your perspective. We identify your specific and implicit requirements. With this knowledge and understanding we design a contextualised service offering: one that enables extraordinary case management at the level of the individual, the working group, and the entire organisation.

Managing risk is the very essence of organisational survival and growth. Effective risk management improves performance against objectives.

Intersol’s consultant practitioners and consultant academics associates have a wealth of experience and expertise in the world of decision making – making judgements and choices under conditions of risk and uncertainty – in investigation and investigative interviewing contexts. They work collaboratively with you. Firstly, to identify, analyse and evaluate potential risks to your institution. Then, to create an effective, efficient and ethical strategy that reduces and minimises risk.

You can rest assured that the outcome will – crucially – work in practice and withstand the closest scrutiny.

The conduct of individuals, working groups and entire institutions within both public and private sectors are subject to regulatory compliance. The requirement for awareness of, and adherence to, rules – specifications, policy, standards, regulations, guidelines and legislation – is a daily fact of life.

Intersol’s consultant practitioners and consultant academics research and examine all specifications, policy, standards, regulations, guidelines and legislation – bearing upon the fulfilment of roles and specific responsibilities in the contexts of investigation and investigative interviewing.  This ensures that regulatory compliance as well as the requirement for operational accountability and transparency are integral the bespoke service that we propose.

“Off the shelf” solutions are rarely satisfactory. The truth is that “one size” does not fit all – most especially in the world of case management. Extraordinary performance in investigation and investigative interviewing in your working world is born of knowledge, understanding, and skills fostered and facilitated through learning events that are totally customised to “fit” your requirements.

When we are listening intently to identify your specific and implicit needs we will seek to understand your strategic aim and your immediate, short-, middle- and longer-term objectives. We use this awareness to formulate, and discuss with you, a range of tailored options incorporating pricing and delivery alternatives.

All too often providers of investigation and investigative interviewing services deliver a requirement and then “move on”. Intersol is different. We see ourselves as change agents: our “difference that makes the difference”. We view change as a process not a project. We work collaboratively with our clients – individuals, working groups, and entire institutions – because we firmly believe that joint action- in the scoping, design, delivery, and oversight of our bespoke contribution – constitutes a change platform.

We have an unashamedly future perspective that we share with our clients. Facilitating the change platform is the first step. We see continuity of dialogue, continued association, and continuing joint action as the formula to sustaining and growing an extraordinary case management culture across time and across the institution.