Our Mediation Services

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Richard (Dick) Bull

Dick is a passionate and vastly experienced mediator, having trained and worked along-side some of the very top mediators in the country. His passion for mediation is driven by, and focused on, finding a satisfying solution for all involved.

Serving as a senior hostage negotiator for over a decade in policing, he dealt with every imaginable situation, kidnap, hostage, crises, and counter terrorism negotiations.

Dick has comfortably transferred his negotiating skills to the world of mediation. He is now part of the faculty for the Society of Mediators, with whom he initially trained.

As a director of a large travel company for 10 years, he applied his mediation and negotiating skills to situations encountered in business, ranging from boardroom disputes, finance negotiations, health & safety cases, HR, and contractual issues.

Dick steadfastly believes that mediation should be available to all where appropriate, and as such has worked for two charities as a volunteer mediator, Resolve West in Bristol, and The Free Mediation Project, which operates from the Royal Courts of Justice.

He says:

“With effective communication and consideration, I believe it is possible to resolve any dispute fairly, with universal human values at the centre of things. I am passionate about the power of mediation — simply because I have facilitated resolution in so many different situations.”

Dick is a very retired rugby union player but still a fan, a passionate golfer and keen apiarist.