Sector Case Studies

Every business relies on fact-finding meetings and conversations (interviews) the output of which needs to be accurate and
detailed to best inform decision-maker(s). Sometimes those conversations can be difficult and present a need to challenge the business.


Intersol work with businesses from a broad range of sectors to support staff development and on occasion work with the business to support them with the more high-stakes and complex inquiries, bringing to bear a unique blend of expertise and skills specific to the sector with our Critical Incident Review Team.

Project Feedback

Feedback from delegates worldwide has been consistently excellent and contributed to the launch of the first accredited vocational qualification for audit and compliance. That feedback is perhaps best summarised by the following extract:

“I wish I’d had this training and skill years ago when I started out in audit, it’s absolutely essential and should be part of the bank on-boarding process.”

Legal AND Financial Services Case Study 1

Corporate Law

The Brief

A sector leading global law firm who pride themselves as being “approachable, bold and connected”; valuing integrity, innovation and diversity to deliver the best outcomes for clients, faced the challenge of investigating and interviewing a large number of victims of non-recent serious sexual abuse and misconduct within a sporting environment. These were high stakes, complex and sensitive interviews and it was determined that specialist support was critical to success of the investigation and delivery of the best outcome for the client.

The Solution

Intersol were recommended to the company as being the foremost experts in specialist forensic investigative interviewing and were commissioned to write an interview strategy and work collegiately with the lawyers to plan, prepare and conduct investigative interviews with the witnesses. They were to support the production of witness statements and reports that would be used to assist the decision-makers determine actions from a detailed, reliable and fully-informed perspective.

The Results

The law firm reported a significant increase in the amount of valuable investigative outputs from the interviews, recognising unreservedly the benefit of the specialist support as ‘lead’ interviewers, enabling them to concentrate on capturing detail and accurate note-taking. On many occasions the interviewees were expansive in their praise for the way in which they were interviewed. Intersol were also able to offer significant support and advice on investigation case management and process.

So impressed were they that they commissioned specialist training for a cohort of lawyers who went on to be the first in the world to be accredited in the skillset of investigative interviewing and managing difficult conversations.