Every business relies on fact-finding meetings and conversations (interviews) the output of which needs to be accurate and
detailed to best inform decision-maker(s). Sometimes those conversations can be difficult and present a need to challenge the business.

Intersol work with businesses from a broad range of sectors to support staff development and on occasion work with the business to support them with the more high-stakes and complex inquiries, bringing to bear a unique blend of expertise and skills specific to the sector with our Critical Incident Review Team.

Project Feedback

Feedback from delegates worldwide has been consistently excellent and contributed to the launch of the first accredited vocational qualification for audit and compliance. That feedback is perhaps best summarised by the following extract:

“I wish I’d had this training and skill years ago when I started out in audit, it’s absolutely essential and should be part of the bank on-boarding process.”

In an era of increasing scrutiny and litigation and when poor investigation can cost careers, even lives, we train and qualify your staff to conduct low risk, volume inquiries and support them with independent external workplace investigation advice. We often conduct the more complex, high-risk, and serious inquiries for them.

Delivering a full range of impartial investigation services from the reporting of an issue to resolution on a retained service or ‘pay as you go’ basis, we have trained hundreds of delegates and conducted many serious or complex investigations.

Our investigation services include:

  • An externally validated and accredited workplace investigation and interview meeting qualification
  • Reviewing and auditing investigations
  • Conducting impartial forensic investigative interviews of all parties to a discipline inquiry
  • Mediation in those cases for which it is a suitable option
  • Training and support for discipline panel members

We are increasingly called upon to support organisations with environmental and cultural reviews, often driven by concerns about bullying, harassment, and racism. Supporting organisations with policy development and review, we manage all our investigation projects using our GDPR compliant secure end-to-end investigation case management system powered by Polonious and deliver every component part of case management.

Benefits of working with Intersol Global

Workplace investigations, meetings and conversations (interviews) that are conducted professionally and are quality assured deliver clear business benefits and outcomes including:

  • Protecting people, brands, and reputation
  • Preserving the health and well-being of all stakeholders
  • Underpinning your company values and culture
  • Identify, reduce, and manage risk and increase public confidence
  • Reassure the regulators and avoid sanctions

Conversely, failure to quality assure and professionally undertake those meetings can attract adverse consequence for your organisation, causing:

  • increased direct costs, wasted time, and stakeholder disengagement
  • loss of critical information and exposure to risk
  • irreparable brand, institutional, and personal damage
  • damaged internal and external credibility, even regulatory or criminal sanction