Sector Case Studies

Every business relies on fact-finding meetings and conversations (interviews) the output of which needs to be accurate and
detailed to best inform decision-maker(s). Sometimes those conversations can be difficult and present a need to challenge the business.


Intersol work with businesses from a broad range of sectors to support staff development and on occasion work with the business to support them with the more high-stakes and complex inquiries, bringing to bear a unique blend of expertise and skills specific to the sector with our Critical Incident Review Team.

Project Feedback

Feedback from delegates worldwide has been consistently excellent and contributed to the launch of the first accredited vocational qualification for audit and compliance. That feedback is perhaps best summarised by the following extract:

“I wish I’d had this training and skill years ago when I started out in audit, it’s absolutely essential and should be part of the bank on-boarding process.”

Audit AND Compliance Case Study 1

A Global Bank

The Brief

Three primary imperatives combined for a global bank to secure the continuing services of Moodys and Intersol to provide investigative interview (meeting) skills training for their globally ‘hubbed’ internal audit and compliance teams. Those requirements were to:

  • Demonstrate to regulators that they were strengthening the functions in the face of a DPA, and that they served as an effective control.
  • Implement consistent methodology and professional practice globally.
  • Support a new competency framework defined specifically for the global internal audit function that meant they needed to implement training that would support internal auditors to develop and enhance those competencies.

The Solution

For the first time, they were seeking non technical training designed specifically for internal auditors and compliance teams, training and development that was recognised as a particular need to help them shape the perception of the global function as a value-adding partner to the business.

Intersol customised a 2-day ‘Effective Audit Conversations’ course that is being rolled- out to over 900 of that clients audit delegates worldwide. Intersol were chosen because of their:

  • Ability to demonstrate customisation, proportionality, context and applicability to the audit function
  • Experiential learning methods and applicability of the ‘tools’ from the course
  • Internationally recognised, award winning subject matter experts from audit, psychology and investigation designing and delivering the training
  • Alignment of course content with the IIA competency and the IIA International Professional Practices Frameworks
  • Global reach

The Results
In addition to delivering the 3 requirements above, additional business
outcomes included:

  • Continuing reduction in costs, risk and improved brand reputation
  • Improved staff retention
  • Increased staff confidence and competence
  • Osmosis of good practice across the business resulting from internal movement
  • A reduction in the number of meetings to achieve the same objectives