What is Investigative Interviewing in a Workplace Setting and what are some of the Business Benefits?

In their latest video Mick Confrey, COO of Intersol Global, explains about the application of this skill within the workplace and Ian Hynes, CEO gives a brief insight into just a few of the business benefits. These follow on from the Chairmans explanation of the concept of Extraordinary Case Management (ECM®) and can be seen here:

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Terrorist Interviewing set back decades (if not centuries!) HIG to be abandoned?

Iron Maidens, Ducking Stools, and the Judas Cradle were abandoned in civilised society centuries ago, thankfully confined to Dark Museums and history but re-kindled with modern day water-boarding, only banned 10 years ago in 2006 by the US administration when it was realised that the reliability, accuracy and value of such methods was seriously flawed.

Indeed in August 2016 the UN advocated the interviewing methodology developed in the UK that relies so much more on rapport building and reciprocity to achieve reliable outcomes. Even that was preceded in history by Scharff, a second world war Lutwaffe officer,  who advocated and deployed non violent rapport based interrogation of US prisoners of war to great effect.

The US administration (Obama) created the High-Interest Detainee Interrogation Group (HIG) a little under a decade ago in recognition of the folly of torture, bringing together a range of security agencies combining to put into practice contemporary forensic psychology interviewing research. If the report in Politico and the comments by key personnel in social media and their actions are to be believed then it would seem that the HIG is ‘withering on the vine’, a significant setback to research and practice.

Diplomatically avoiding comment on specific interviewing ‘models’ in the US, suffice to say that any combination of the words ‘torture’, ‘interrogation’, ‘confession’ should raise the ‘red flag’ of caution as to the reliability of the output from an investigative interview- not automatically debarring it but certainly meriting close scrutiny. Align this with a resistance to (at least) audio record interviews and you can be sure that its a toxic mix.

The team at Intersol were pivotal in developing and applying the PEACE ‘framework’ of interviewing first introduced in the UK in 1992 and continue to refine and practice it today. Similarly the introduction of audio and visually recording interviews of BOTH suspects and witnesses, tools and methodology that not only minimises the chance of miscarriages of justice but maximises the value and reliability of interview output.

The author encourages any reader ‘raising an eyebrow’ at the mention of miscarriages of justice to reflect that miscarriages cut both ways, that for every miscarriage the real murderer, rapist, or terrorist remains at liberty to wreak more havoc.

Full article courtesy of can be read here:



Intersol Academy investigation training awarded ‘Direct Claims Status’ (DCS) by Skillsfirst.

Intersol Academy recently delivered the worlds first vocational qualification to conduct investigation  interviews in the workplace to Virgin Rail managers and were thrilled to receive rave reviews.
It (the qualification) will be delivered to clients from another industry in the coming weeks and will mark another significant global breakthrough – watch this space!
At Intersol we do investigation and interview training, advising, and delivery of the highest quality and relevance to todays industries, that’s the difference that makes the difference!

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Intersols CEO had the pleasure some years ago to work briefly with Adele Gladman, Director of Safeguarding Children Training and Cosultancy, on a training project addressing, somewhat prophetically, the emerging threat of abuse of power by those in positions of control to enable sexual offending.

Adele has gone on to develop her safeguarding consultancy and has asked for support to promote their event:

Making Justice Work for Victims of Child Sexual Abuse and Exploitation, a unique 1 day conference which gives those attending the chance to see the criminal justice system like you have never seen it before. This is an event which is relevant for all those services supporting vulnerable child witnesses and historical victims, as well as those working within the criminal justice system. We are thrilled to have the support of the Chief Constable of West Yorkshire who will be opening the event as well as a range of high profile speakers- survivors and their family members, senior representatives from central government, survivors, highly experienced practitioners, and academia sharing their practical experience and the latest research. In sharing innovative work across the UK, this conference offers true value for money, enabling participants to gain unique insights from a range of perspectives to take back into practice.

Full details and bookings to attend can be made via this link:



Intersol attend CIPD 2017 Annual Conference

And what a fruitful day it was!

Having successfully launched their vocational accredited qualification for business managers to conduct workplace investigations it was particularly rewarding to engage with so many HR professionals at the CIPD Manchester conference today, particularly as the city is the spiritual home to so many Intersol partners!

It was clear that there was an appetite for quality and competent investigation amongst many HR professionals – so topical when never a day slips by without yet another workplace conduct investigation debacle. Indeed so many professionals we met today observed just how often it was adjudged that a tribunal outcome was correct whilst the processes employed were fundamentally flawed – leading to financial penalties accordingly.

The author is well placed to observe the need for professionalisation of the way HR conduct investigations having very recently sat across the table from a senior manager and their HR manager as a ‘friend’ during the ‘investigative interview’ of an employee, witnessing first hand the many areas for improvement. Robust deconstruction of the HR ‘case’ secured the (now ex) employee a £15k uplift in personal settlement, whilst in another case Intersols’ robustly ethical support of the HR function and company lawyer to investigate and manage a case ‘extraordinarily’ enabled a net business cost settlement saving approaching £50,000!

Intersol look forward to progressing many of the promising contacts made today and wish every success to the CIPD hosts, exhibitors, and delegates.

Thanks for a great conference and all the networking opportunities it presents.

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Thought for a Friday! Investigations and Interviewing.

During a week when not a day has passed without reference to a workplace investigation, abuse of power, sexual assaults, reputations in tatters, lives ruined, and constant repetition of the hollow phrase: “We are commissioning an independent investigation”, have you reflected on the competence and qualifications of those charged with such onerous responsibility to actually conduct investigations and investigative interviews of those witnesses to, and suspects of, workplace misconduct?

Workplace investigations are life altering, career threatening and high risk, yet are often allocated randomly to a middle manager based entirely on status within the company, irrelevant that they have had no training or competence in the skill. Similarly lawyers whose key role is to advise clients on the implications and outcomes of investigations, NOT to conduct them. It is a brave and honest lawyer who accepts the limitations of their investigative skills.

Equally a variety of entities in the private sector are offering training on how to conduct those investigations and interviews. have you ever reflected on their competence to do so? When did they last actually investigate or conduct an interview? When were they or their training last independently reviewed and evaluated?

Precisely the reason Intersol Global have invested in becoming a regulated and accredited training centre, able to deliver accredited training NOT just certificates of attendance.

Intersol uniquely combine training, advising, and delivering investigations and interviewing  as the ‘DNA’ of Extraordinary Case Management (ECM©). (See

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Groundbreaking Development for Investigation!

In a context of (well-founded) increasing negative criticism of investigation quality Intersol are particularly pleased to announce that today sees the rollout of an innovative programme to equip managers at Virgin Trains with the skills and competencies to conduct workplace investigations so that risk is identified, money saved, and reputation enhanced.

Intersol Global have teamed up with Virgin and Skillsfirst to design and deliver the first vocationally accredited investigative interviewing qualification in the world relevant to their roles. In keeping with the class-leading ethos of Virgin Intersol deliver non-technical skills that will enable and empower staff to conduct ‘Extraordinary Conversation Management’ that contributes significantly to all stages of ‘Extraordinary Case Management’ (ECM®).

This level 3 regulated qualification benchmarks competencies and should be the minimum standard expected of ANY person with the heavy responsibility to undertake investigations that can be life-altering or even life-threatening in extreme cases. It will become the commissioning standard for any entity that values quality, effectiveness, and competency.

Decision-makers in any industry rely on facts, detail, and accuracy and Intersols model of managing those difficult workplace meetings and conversations secures exactly that!

Why are we different?

Combining training, advising, and operations, we create the very DNA of ECM® by remaining current, relevant, and proportionate.

We align with the very best in class, and our world leading experts are ‘doers’ not just ‘talkers’!

If you’ve got an investigative difficulty or challenge and you value reputation please feel free to contact for a discreet and confidential discussion.

Best wishes,

Ian Hynes, CEO.




“FA need to ask many questions and have missed the detail” (Widespread media observations about the latest rumpus brewing within the Football Association).

BUT! The detail will be missed if the wrong questions are asked. It’s NOT about the number of questions asked but the tactical use of relevant and appropriate questions within the workplace investigation. They are central to managing cases ‘extraordinarily’, precisely what Intersol are world class experts at and can support HR managers with.


Do you take part in fact-finding workplace meetings or enquiries?

Have you ever been asked to conduct a workplace investigation or manage a case?

Have you ever had to make critical business decisions based on accuracy, fact, and detail?

Yes to any or all of the above? Read on!

Intersol are world-leading experts in investigation and interviewing, working with any entity that relies on accuracy, detail, and facts to inform critical decision-making and manage cases ‘extraordinarily’.

Commissioned globally within Financial Services, GRC, Audit, Corporate Law, Regulators, and HR, we work with our partners to combine subject matter expertise, psychology, and non-technical skills; weaving together the three strands of training, strategy, and tactics to deliver:

  • Added value and quality business outcomes
  • Risk and reputation management
  • Reduced costs and increased efficiencies
  • Brand protection
  • Improved staff confidence, and
  • Extraordinary Case Management (ECM®)

Developing practitioners who think and act proactively, preventing, rather than reacting to, the unwanted and catastrophic.

Intersol Global, the chosen partner and provider of evidence based investigation and interview solutions to any entity that values Extraordinary Case Management (ECM®) – The Mark of Investigation Quality.

More detail about the Intersol proposal can be found here: Intersol Proposal and a media release about Intersols support of HR here: HR Press Release

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