Meet the Team

Our associates and ambassadors combine hundred’s of years of investigating and interviewing subject matter expertise
to ensure that Case Management is ‘Extraordinary’ (ECM®).

Tim Grant is the UKs only Professor of Forensic Linguistics and one of the foremost academics and practitioners in the field. As an academic he has numerous publications in the area and research income in excess of a million pounds since 2008. In 2008, with Professor Malcolm Coulthard and Dr Krzysztof Kredens he founded the Centre for Forensic Linguistics (CFL) which has become the leading centre in the discipline worldwide. As a practitioner his casework has helped resolve numerous cases nationally and internationally. Some of these cases are of a domestic nature, assisting, for example, in the prosecution or defence of murder cases, or in civil and employment actions for large corporations. Other cases have involved issues of national security and he has been involved in three cases in particular where forensic linguistic evidence was critical evidence for cases in which several hundred lives were at issue. Work such as this has drawn media attention to CFL and periodically Tim Grant has appeared in the press and on television or radio programmes including BBC Crimewatch, the BBC One Show and BBC Radio 4 Word of Mouth.