Meet the Team

Our associates and ambassadors combine hundred’s of years of investigating and interviewing subject matter expertise
to ensure that Case Management is ‘Extraordinary’ (ECM®).

Our Ambassadors andgt;
David Shorrock
Victoria Doyle
Laura Hynes
Kevin Rowley
Nyall Appleyard
Steve Garden
Dean Coady
Steve Davies
Alison Knight
Simon Horsfield
Karl Day
Jeremy Paine
Professor Amina Memon
Professor Tim Grant
Professor Brent Snook
Dr Clea Wright
Kerry Watkins
Cameron Gardner
Dr Michelle Mattison
Our Management Team andgt;

Dean Coady is one of the highest decorated former police officers in the UK. Along with numerous Commendations, Dean was awarded the Order of the British Empire from the Queen, for his services to operational policing.

Based on his own practical experiences ‘in the field’, Dean single-handedly changed the face of the selection and training of covert law enforcement officers in the UK.

Whilst serving as a police officer in the diverse community of a major inner city, Dean developed Intervention and Engagement training, in relation to ‘Hard-to Reach Groups and Communities’, ‘Street Gangs ‘ and a series of bespoke Counter Terrorism /Extremism awareness inputs. He is also a UK nationally accredited expert on illicit street drugs.

Dean is a highly skilled individual with vast experience in all aspects of ‘Lone Working’. He also trains a number of agencies in this essential area of work.

Dean has recently designed and delivered a ‘Child Sexual Exploitation Intervention and Engagement’ package, supported by the UK’s National Working Group (NWG), which has been launched and adopted nationally. The NWG acknowledged this innovative and effective project by awarding him with their department’s prestigious Unsung Heroes Award.

Dean’s main attribute is the ability to translate a strategic message into best practices, and vice-versa. He also has the professional confidence and knowledge to explain to policy makers, senior leaders, and front line staff alike, engagement and risk recognition tactics that are proven in practice

Innovative, robust, respected by practitioners and leaders alike, Dean facilitates training in engagement, general police inputs, covert operations and safeguarding, to an exacting and challenging standard.

Dean delivers unique training that Managers want their staff to receive, and front-line staff, want to use.