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Our associates and ambassadors combine hundred’s of years of investigating and interviewing subject matter expertise
to ensure that Case Management is ‘Extraordinary’ (ECM®).

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Cameron is an associate with Intersol Global, qualified specialist interviewer and interview advisor. He is a senior investigator with 25 years law enforcement experience in Australia. Cameron has undertaken, and also delivered, training with world leading practitioners and academics in relation to investigative interviewing and investigation generally and maintains that strong engagement with experts.

Since 2011, Cameron has delivered advanced interviewing and investigations training to investigators and lawyers from a number of agencies and organisations. He has experience investigating most crime types including: child abuse and neglect; sexual crime; identity theft; organised crime; homicide; personal violence; fraud; volume crime; and internal investigations.


  • 2017 – ‘Masters of Investigation’ degree – Charles Sturt University.
  • 2016 – Research/Dissertation – Is witness evidence still fundamental to solving crime? (An analysis of how homicides were solved in Queensland, Australia (2012-2015))’.
  • 2015 – International Investigative Interviewing Research Group (IIIRG) – Practitioner of the Year Award.
  • 2014 – Courier Mail Police Research Scholarship winner – ‘Develop a world-class Investigative Interviewing Capacity within the QPS’.

Cameron has contemporary investigations and training experience and aims to design and deliver training that incorporates forensic psychology and practical tools to benefit your investigation processes.