Meet the Team

Our associates and ambassadors combine hundreds of years of investigating and interviewing subject matter expertise
to ensure that Case Management is ‘Extraordinary’ (ECM®).

Mick Confrey

Mick Confrey is globally recognised as a leading subject matter specialist in investigative interviewing.

Mick featured in the highly acclaimed BBC documentary series ‘Eyewitness’, the programme content is now used as a training aid for students of Forensic Psychology in the UK North America, and Japan as an example of excellent interview techniques.

As Intersol Managing Director, Mick manages a group of specialists, delivering training and conducting investigations in both the private and public sectors.

Achievements and responsibilities:

  • Design and implementation of investigative interview courses globally
  • Design and delivery of Effective Audit Conversations to global banking
  • Design and delivery of ethically robust interview techniques to the Middle East policing sector
  • Keynote speaker at University Forensic Psychology courses
  • Taking Intersol Global to Adult Learner Academy status (Skills First)
  • Design and implementation of Level 3 Certificate in investigative interviewing (Ofqual)
  • Implementation of Intersol Global Australia
  • Management of associate subject matter specialists
  • Interview training of the Internal Audit function of 2 global banks
  • Interview training of Australian Federal Police
  • Interview training of Australian Tax office
  • Interview training of Australian Environmental Protection Agency
  • Investigation and interview training of UK Food Standards Agency
  • Investigation and interview training of UK based Barristers
  • Investigation and interview training of Virgin Trains Safety Officers
  • Expert witness on Investigative Interviewing to UK Independent Police Complaints Commission