Meet the Team

Our associates and ambassadors combine hundreds of years of investigating and interviewing subject matter expertise
to ensure that Case Management is ‘Extraordinary’ (ECM®).

John Crook

John Crook has over 30 years investigative and interviewing experience. He has worked as a specialist investigator and interviewer with one of the largest municipal UK police forces, an organisation that is in the vanguard of development and practice in this field.

John successfully completed nationally recognised qualifications, specialising in interviews of compliant and non-compliant interviewees and developed to achieve management qualifications to strategically lead, manage, and advise on the most complex and demanding high stakes investigative interviews encountered by organisations.

As Director of LANDD at Intersol Global he leads the development of accredited and regulated training packages that meet the needs of clients and manages training delivery across all market sectors.

As a specialist interviewer, John has interviewed in many and varied demanding and challenging environments, including financial investigations, fraud, and ‘white collar’ crime, more recently adapting those techniques and skills to the world of internal audit and compliance.

John studied for and achieved his Certificate in Education at Bolton University between 2006 and 2008.