Meet the Team

Our associates and ambassadors combine hundreds of years of investigating and interviewing subject matter expertise
to ensure that Case Management is ‘Extraordinary’ (ECM®).

Ian Hynes

Ian Hynes, now with 40yrs international investigative experience, was the first full-time investigative interviewing support-staff manager, appointed in 2006, as a strategic lead by UK policing to ensure standards and compliance, managing risk whilst supporting Senior Investigating Officers (SIOs) to manage investigations. In that role he authored strategies and policy documents, applying innovative evidence-based tactics in numerous high stakes, sensitive, and complex investigations to best ensure that case management was ‘extraordinary’. His work was exposed to scrutiny at the highest level and never successfully challenged or undermined, often setting a benchmark for national practice and securing justice for many.

His proudest legacy to policing was the design and delivery of a server-based digital interview recording solution that transformed the way interviews of witnesses and suspects were conducted and captured, replacing obsolete 30 year old cassette recording facilities.

Leaving policing in 2014 he was appointed as the CEO of Intersol Global, a company fusing investigation research with world-class practice to apply those skills proportionately and contextually to train, advise, and conduct investigation and investigative interviewing across several sectors, positioning outstanding investigation and interviewing practice as the ‘golden thread’ of all workplace investigations and fact-finding meetings.

Under his leadership Intersol designed the world’s first externally accredited qualification to conduct investigative interviews and manage difficult conversations.

The combined expertise, years of practitioner experience, research, and training credentials give Intersol associates unparalleled credibility and effectiveness, enabling the delivery of Extraordinary Case Management (ECM®), improving performance and the output of workplace meetings, making the investigation process ‘lean’ whilst ensuring critical decisions are based on accuracy, fact, and detail.

Key achievements include:

  • Practitioner Excellence award for outstanding achievement by the International Investigative Interviewing Research Group (iIIRG).
  • Commended by the UK Judiciary and Police Command for producing significant improvements in service delivery, performance and savings.
  • Awarded a series of Chief Officer commendations for his ‘outstanding team performance’, for ‘partnership working’ and in recognition of ‘outstanding work delivered to the highest standard, with commitment, professionalism, and expertise’.
  • Successful worldwide rollout of ‘Effective Audit Conversation Management for Auditors’ training on behalf of Moody’s Analytics and a Global Bank.
  • Specialist advisor to operations VIOLA, JUPITER and SEASIDE, which were investigations into Manchester gangland murders, leading to a significant reduction in gangland killings.
  • Specialist advisor on operations SPAN, WINDERMERE and EVIAN, which were high profile and successful investigations into child sexual exploitation throughout the U.K, and appointed to the national working group July 2012.
  • Supported development and the practical implementation of the Self-Administered Interview (SAI©), a scientifically researched memory reinforcement and retrieval tool based on the cognitive interview which relies on the ‘witness’ to self complete thereby reinforcing, enhancing, and inoculating memory. Used by Law Enforcement, Insurance, and the Regulatory Industry globally, adding value and savings to businesses worldwide.
  • Consultant and contributor to the UK’s Stern Review of rape investigation to improve investigation standards and service delivery.
  • Author of chapter on ‘Interviewing Victims and Witnesses in serious sexual Offence Investigations’
  • Led the practice development for the debriefing of cooperating defendants and witness immunity to comply with the Serious and Organised Crime Police Act 2005 and member of national working group determining policy and training.
  • Supported design and rollout of ‘The Interview Awareness for Managers Course’ for Greater Manchester Police, adopted and implemented nationally.
  • Keynote speaker at “The Investigator” conferences and delivery of training nationally and internationally.
  • Peripatetic university lecturer and consultant, accrediting university investigation and interview training.
  • Designed bespoke workshops and training packages for Law Enforcement, Regulators, 3rdsector, and charities (see client list)
  • Business lead on a project designing and delivering server based digital interview and evidence recording solutions to Greater Manchester Police and advisor to the Home Office Value for Money unit (commended for team-leading and solution delivery).
  • Practitioner lead on UK National Working Group researching the interviewing of those with Autistic Spectrum Disorder.
  • Consultant to Japan’s National Advisor to the Judiciary on the introduction of ethical investigation, specifically on the audio / visual recording of interviews and used as media spokesperson on national Japanese TV (NHK).
  • Consultant and technical advisor to the BBC Open University ‘Eyewitness’ documentary series and more recently the ‘Scott and Bailey’ TV drama series.

Languages: English

Countries: UK, USA, Canada, Australia, Singapore, Caribbean, UAE, Japan, France,

Companies/Agencies: GMP, Special Branch, Regional Crime Squad, National Crime Agency