Why We Lie: The Science Behind Our Deceptive Ways.

Waiting in the lounge for a flight to California to attend and exhibit at the annual International Investigative Interviewing Research Group (IIIRg) the author happened across this excellent article from National Geographic within a Twitter post by an eminent forensic psychology research expert, Professor Lorraine Hope. It perfectly sums up so many elements of the importance and vital part lying plays in all our lives. WE ALL LIE!

What’s crucial to investigation and professional workplace fact-finding interviewing is to distil the truth from lies, fact from fiction, and expose those lies that are relevant to, and impact on, the findings and outcomes. It is the internal and external scientific validation of an account an interview offers that is crucial, not whether 80 year old technology indicates someone might be under stress and lying about ‘something’.

Interestingly the most telling note was that the imagery of the polygraph was taken from an American museum – long should it remain there!

The article is excellent and well worth a read. If anyone reading this is at the conference please take a moment to contact and meet us at the Intersol stand. We’re passionate about the discipline and have decades of practitioner experience and learning to share.

Link to full article here: http://www.nationalgeographic.com/magazine/2017/06/lying-hoax-false-fibs-science/