“An employment tribunal has awarded £19,500 for injury to feelings to a zero hours worker who was subjected to gender harassment. While the harassment was not of the very worst type, there were certain aggravating features which merited a high award. The claimant was particularly vulnerable due to her young age and fragile mental health. Also, the perfunctory nature of the employer’s investigation, followed by its protracted and ultimately inadequate way of dealing with the problem, magnified the effect of the harassment on the claimant. (Southern v Britannia Hotels Ltd and another ET/1800507/14.)” (Ack: Practical Law Employment)

“When an employment tribunal makes an award for injury to feelings, it takes a number of factors into account, including the vulnerability of the claimant and the manner in which the respondent dealt with any grievance brought


  • Compelling case of sexual assault on the face of it let alone harrassment?
  • Interviewed for 10 minutes!
  • Vulnerable and fragile mental health

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