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‘A questioning mindset could have stopped many a scandal’

Ian Hynes spoke with the BBC about the importance and timing of auditing for small and large corporations. Intersol Global were appointed as an external consultant & trainer for HSBC. October 26, 2020 READ ARTICLE


What our customers say about the services we deliver

“Intersol Global have halved the time it takes to finalise an investigation and deliver them for half the cost”

Student Services, Higher Education

“This has been without doubt the best and most valuable training course I’ve done in over 20yrs as a lawyer”

Senior Litigation Partner, Global Law Firm

“Can someone tell me why auditors aren’t getting this training at the outset of their careers rather than the end!”

Global Bank Audit Manager, New York

“Absolutely brilliant and relevant. An excellent course, very professional with a balance of experienced professionals and subject knowledge experts – best course undertaken in a long time”

Australian Regulator

What We Investigate

The Intersol Global investigation model is ethical, effective and compliant.

Our Investigations Team have vast experience in investigating a wide range of issues and are on hand to assist you in dealing with those high stakes investigations where investigator competency is key. Where entities have in house investigators our team can assist in bringing their specialist skills to the investigation.

Our Team is made up of subject matter specialists, all of whom are skilled in investigative interviewing bringing you Extraordinary Case Management (ECM©).

  • Sexual misconduct in the workplace
  • Bullying and harassment
  • Financial irregularities
  • Misconduct in Higher Education
  • Grievance
  • Private prosecutions
  • Historic inquiries
  • Sexual misconduct in the workplace
  • Bullying and harassment
  • Financial irregularities
  • Misconduct in Higher Education
  • Grievance
  • Private prosecutions
  • Historic inquiries

Intersol Global use the Polonious Case Management System to handle your case documents.

Certified with ISO 27001 and 9001, Polonious understands the importance of security. The system itself has been built from the ground up with security in mind, this ensures that all sensitive and confidential data is held in a secure and robust manner in accordance with global regulatory requirements and security best practices. Due to this emphasis on security, Polonious is trusted by banks, Insurance companies and large enterprises all around the world.

Ethically effective and compliant investigation and interviewing to enable ECM.

Our relationship with you starts with us listening to your needs. Once we have been verbally briefed and agreed with you that we are a good fit for your request, we arrange secure access to our case management system to allow you to upload the case documents. We then at no cost to you  provide an Investigation Plan clearly setting out what we see as the investigation requirements to achieve the best outcome.

From this clearly set out Investigation Plan you can then prepare your Terms of Reference to us.

Managing risk is the very essence of organisational survival and growth. Effective risk management improves performance against objectives.

Intersol’s consultant practitioners and consultant academics associates have a wealth of experience and expertise in the world of decision making – making judgements and choices under conditions of risk and uncertainty – in investigation and investigative interviewing contexts. They work collaboratively with you. Firstly, to identify, analyse and evaluate potential risks to your institution. Then, to create an effective, efficient and ethical strategy that reduces and minimises risk.

You can rest assured that the outcome will – crucially – work in practice and withstand the closest scrutiny.

The conduct of individuals, working groups and entire institutions within both public and private sectors are subject to regulatory compliance. The requirement for awareness of, and adherence to, rules – specifications, policy, standards, regulations, guidelines and legislation – is a daily fact of life.

Intersol’s consultant practitioners and consultant academics research and examine all specifications, policy, standards, regulations, guidelines and legislation – bearing upon the fulfilment of roles and specific responsibilities in the contexts of investigation and investigative interviewing.  This ensures that regulatory compliance as well as the requirement for operational accountability and transparency are integral the bespoke service that we propose.

“Off the shelf” solutions are rarely satisfactory. The truth is that “one size” does not fit all – most especially in the world of case management. Extraordinary performance in investigation and investigative interviewing in your working world is born of knowledge, understanding, and skills fostered and facilitated through learning events that are totally customised to “fit” your requirements.

When we are listening intently to identify your specific and implicit needs we will seek to understand your strategic aim and your immediate, short-, middle- and longer-term objectives. We use this awareness to formulate, and discuss with you, a range of tailored options incorporating pricing and delivery alternatives.

All too often providers of investigation and investigative interviewing services deliver a requirement and then “move on”. Intersol is different. We see ourselves as change agents: our “difference that makes the difference”. We view change as a process not a project. We work collaboratively with our clients – individuals, working groups, and entire institutions – because we firmly believe that joint action- in the scoping, design, delivery, and oversight of our bespoke contribution – constitutes a change platform.

We have an unashamedly future perspective that we share with our clients. Facilitating the change platform is the first step. We see continuity of dialogue, continued association, and continuing joint action as the formula to sustaining and growing an extraordinary case management culture across time and across the institution.