On Friday 15 September the Attorney General published a Call for Evidence regarding the impact of social media on the administration of justice which will run for a 12 week period.

The Call for Evidence will consider the impact of social media on the administration of justice.  Following the case of R v F, D ex parte British Broadcasting Corporation and eight other media organisations [2016] EWCA Crim 12 in which the jury had to be discharged due to the number of adverse comments on social media, Sir Brian Leveson asked that the Attorney General, in his role as guardian of the public interest, analyse the impact of social media commentary on court proceedings in order to inform an assessment of whether any further measures are required.  The Attorney considers that a Call for Evidence, seeking views from across the criminal justice landscape, will best assess the risks arising from social media to the fairness of criminal trials, the right to anonymity of victims and the integrity of judicial orders in criminal proceedings.

The Call is directed primarily at the judiciary, criminal law practitioners, and victim groups.

Link to the paper here: AG Call_for_Evidence__Final_