Workplace Conduct Investigations v Private Investigation

To answer a few recent queries.

Intersol Global are not Private Investigators.

We do not conduct covert operations, surveillance, serve court papers, or undertake matrimonial dispute investigation.

Our purpose is to deliver highly reliable and ethical workplace discipline investigation outcomes.

We act as external impartial investigators for a variety of institutions

We are a team of trauma-informed investigators, qualified to conduct reliable and detailed fact-finding investigations and reach conclusions based on the civil standard balance of probabilities.

We investigate ethically, empathetically, proportionately, and relevantly, treating all parties equally and with respect.

Where appropriate we offer an accredited mediation service.

We are an accredited training centre delivering investigation and mediation training to workplace investigators.

If you want to understand our services more or would like investigation advice, email the team at or call us on: 01925 982680