The Requirements
Increasing regulatory requirements, demands on in-house compliance teams, risk to the business of non-compliance, costly sanctions and client expectations led to this client, a global bank who had previously commissioned internal audit training, to explore opportunity to apply selected non-technical (soft) skills to the various internal lines of defence.
The Solution

Internal staff movement highlighted the potential adaptability of ‘managing difficult and productive conversations’, previously taught to auditors, for the compliance professionals.

Intersol customised elements from an existing 2-day ‘Effective Audit Conversations’ training package to develop a relevant,
proportionate and contextualised ‘Effective Compliance Conversations’ (ECC) course for delivery throughout the compliance function of
a global bank. They were selected for this work because of their:

  • internationally recognised, award winning subject matter experts from psychology and investigation, designing and delivering the training

  • existing internal reputation and glowing feedback from every cohort of auditors

  • global reach and depth of resources

  • experiential learning methods, relevancy and applicability of the 'tools' from the course

The Results

Business benefits included:

  • continuing reduction in costs, risk and improved brand reputation

  • improved resilience to regulatory sanction

  • more productive and reliable compliance conversations (meetings)

  • increased staff confidence, competence and retention

  • osmosis of good practice across the business resulting from internal movement