“FA need to ask many questions and have missed the detail” (Widespread media observations about the latest rumpus brewing within the Football Association).

BUT! The detail will be missed if the wrong questions are asked. It’s NOT about the number of questions asked but the tactical use of relevant and appropriate questions within the workplace investigation. They are central to managing cases ‘extraordinarily’, precisely what Intersol are world class experts at and can support HR managers with.


Do you take part in fact-finding workplace meetings or enquiries?

Have you ever been asked to conduct a workplace investigation or manage a case?

Have you ever had to make critical business decisions based on accuracy, fact, and detail?

Yes to any or all of the above? Read on!

Intersol are world-leading experts in investigation and interviewing, working with any entity that relies on accuracy, detail, and facts to inform critical decision-making and manage cases ‘extraordinarily’.

Commissioned globally within Financial Services, GRC, Audit, Corporate Law, Regulators, and HR, we work with our partners to combine subject matter expertise, psychology, and non-technical skills; weaving together the three strands of training, strategy, and tactics to deliver:

  • Added value and quality business outcomes
  • Risk and reputation management
  • Reduced costs and increased efficiencies
  • Brand protection
  • Improved staff confidence, and
  • Extraordinary Case Management (ECM®)

Developing practitioners who think and act proactively, preventing, rather than reacting to, the unwanted and catastrophic.

Intersol Global, the chosen partner and provider of evidence based investigation and interview solutions to any entity that values Extraordinary Case Management (ECM®) – The Mark of Investigation Quality.

More detail about the Intersol proposal can be found here: Intersol Proposal and a media release about Intersols support of HR here: HR Press Release

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