Skillsfirst revalidate our self-awarding status.

Following recent annual inspection, we are delighted that we have again successfully met the regulatory criteria to be a Skillsfirst Awards, Recognised Centre (number 205.001).

This means that Intersol can continue to award the Level 3 Certificate in Investigative Interviewing, IIC3.

Inadequate and ill-informed investigative interviewing can destroy careers and lives, even cost them.

This is why this qualification should be the minimum expectation of anybody entrusted with this heavy responsibility.

We have proportionately and relevantly adapted this training making it meaningful for any business sector that conducts meetings to identify reliable facts and detail.

If you’re a senior decision-maker:

  • how confident are you that the detail you rely upon is accurate, reliable and as fulsome as it might be?
  • have you ever had to ask a member of staff to go back and cover a point they missed first time round?
  • are you ever been challenged about what was actually said or recorded?
  • do you determine future careers based on a HR meeting?
  • would you pay for expensive training that is not regulated or qualified?

This qualification is a must-have not just a nice to have. 

As well as a qualification this course also attracts 36 CPD points – a ‘double-whammy’!

Why pay more for investigation and interview training that costs more, delivers less, and you’re unsure about the accreditation of those delivering it?

If you want to know more about our investigation, interview training, and other services, contact for more information.