Independent Investigation Services for Higher Education.

“Higher Education providers should have a fair, clear and accessible approach to taking action in response to reports and disclosures. This includes an investigation process that is demonstrably fair, independent, and free from reasonable perception of bias”. (Office for Students statement of expectations, 2021).

“Investigators MUST be appropriately trained, experienced, and trauma informed. They should be independent of parties involved and aware of the impact of biases”. (Humphreys & Towl. Addressing Student Violence In Higher Education).

“Investigations should be carried out by an independent investigator, trained in trauma-informed investigation techniques and in handling sexual misconduct investigations. They should be external to the HEI to ensure the necessary impartiality and expertise”. (1752 Group/McAllister Olivarius HE Sector Guidance).

Our independent impartial investigation services include:

  • FREE investigation helpline, advice, and planning
  • Conducting fair and impartial investigations
  • Reviewing and auditing investigations and policies
  • Ofqual accredited and validated investigation training
  • Panel training and support

We work WITH you to deliver:

  • Compliance with the OfS statement of expectations and ALL the above recommendations
  • Preserving the health, wellbeing, and futures of ALL stakeholders
  • Qualifying and valuing your staff
  • Protecting brand reputation and saving money
  • Underpinning your institutions values and culture

Working with over 40 HEI’s to deliver training and investigation services, we train and qualify staff to conduct low-risk volume enquiries and support them with impartial external investigation advice, conducting the more complex, high-risk, and serious inquiries for them.

Let us take the pain away reduce your risk.

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