Rola-Cola or Coca-Cola Investigation Training – Your Shout!

What’s Peter Kay got to do with investigation training?

Not a lot other than he shares a Lancashire heritage (and some would say physical profile) with our Director of Learning & Development, John Crook.

BUT the similarity doesn’t stop there.

Just as you can have a cheap drink you can have cheap training.

Our philosophy at Intersol Global is that you get what you pay for, for those that remember “Never mind the width, feel the quality”!

This is a great day for the Intersol team as it marks the completion of their first online Unit 2 level 3 accredited training to conduct forensic investigative interviews.

Training that isn’t just meaninglessly self-certified by the deliverer, training that has been independently evaluated, accredited, and regulated by Ofqual and Skillsfirst. Delivered by an approved training provider. We DO NOT mark our own homework, neither do we just teach, we ‘do the doing’!

Unit 2 of the course sees delegates conduct a video and audio recorded role-play investigative meeting with a witness to discipline misconduct. Traditionally delivered face to face, the entire planning and preparation is conducted remotely and the delegates go on to interview a role-playing actor in character.

So realistic was the training that many delegates actually researched the fictitious ‘actor’ within their organisations HR records!

That’s how good it was.

Presentation of pre-interview planning and interview tools

Every session is live-stream monitored by an IG accredited interview and training expert coach and feedback offered.

It worked a dream and without exception all 8 delegates highly commended the training;

“Wow! Simply the best training I’ve had in my HR career. I feel so much more confident and competent to manage investigation meetings, especially online at this difficult time”.


“What a fantastic course. The actors were so convincing I forget it was role-play”!

One of Padraig Confrey’s team of actors role-playing a student witness to serious sexual misconduct. 

So if you or your staff conduct investigation meetings of ANY kind qualify your staff for the job.

Their work can be life-changing for interviewees, they MUST be qualified.

Meaningful conversational interviews that can now be conducted remotely at any time across the globe, managing risk and wellbeing of your staff whilst saving huge sums of money.

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