Towards the end of 2017 a North West company were faced with a dilemma, suspecting a board member of serious professional misconduct, and approached a national law firm for external employment advice and support.

In turn the law firm commissioned Intersol to undertake the workplace enquiries, investigation meetings, and submit an investigation report. The investigation was complex and it was vital that the process was robust yet ethical and transparent as risk to the organisation was potentially huge in terms of cost and reputation if not conducted professionally and competently.

Intersol dedicated subject matter experts to the investigation, driven by their ethos of Extraordinary Case Management (ECM®) and attracting the following feedback from the client:

“…..your assistance with the investigation process was extremely beneficial to the client. You saved the management team numerous hours work in terms of carrying out the investigations and conducting the investigation meeting. You also produced an excellent report which was succinct and dealt clearly with the issues. My view is that your report greatly assisted the disciplinary process. It would also have assisted to defend any claim for unfair dismissal, as it demonstrated that a fair and thorough process had been followed”.

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