Compliance Science and ComplyPort, together with Intersol Global are excited to announce a partnered webinar on Whistleblowing in 2016. The discussion will aim to give Compliance Managers a transatlantic perspective on the state of whistleblowing in 2016 and share some insights on what the regulators are looking for and how compliance teams can respond.

The discussion will include:
How MAR will affect whistleblowing and the practices surrounding it
UK vs. EU vs. US approach
The SEC stance
The FCA / PRA stance
Possible conflicts of interest
Case studies of the impact of whistleblowing on individuals and the firm
Clear guidance for compliance teams faced with a whistleblowing case

We are thrilled to announce our three expert speakers: Ronald Gould, Chairman, Compliance Science Ltd., Paul Grainger, CEO, ComplyPort and Ian Hynes, CEO, Intersol Global.

Link to book and more info here