Symplicity and Intersol Global Join Forces to Provide End-to-End Training, Investigations and Case Management Solutions

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In an inspiring collaboration, Symplicity, a global technology leader in higher education and Intersol Global, renowned for investigative solutions in the workplace, are joining forces to revolutionise case management solutions for universities across the United Kingdom. The partnership between Symplicity Advocate and Intersol Global in the UK signifies a major milestone in the shared mission to strengthen student support systems and incidents via an integrated, secure and intuitive platform. Together, they aim to assist universities in effectively managing crucial student concerns, primarily encompassing harassment and sexual misconduct. In the context of the upcoming Office for Students (OfS) regulation related to [...]

Sexual Misconduct in the workplace – What does research tell us about recording complaints and capturing memories?

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Sexual Misconduct in the workplace – What does research tell us about recording complaints and capturing memories? Last week our MD, Mick Confrey, explained how important it was to capture memories in an empirically researched way. See the article here. This week Ian Hynes discusses investigative interview meeting notetaking, the various ways that accounts can be recorded, and the associated benefits and limitations of alternative options. What’s not in doubt is that when liberty, livelihoods, careers, and well-being are the stakes there’s really no excuse whatsoever for shoddy investigation. Firstly, as a guiding principle, it’s important to understand that the accounts [...]

Sexual Misconduct in the workplace – The importance of capturing memory in an empirically researched way

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The importance of capturing memory in an empirically researched way Written by Mick Confrey, Managing Director of Intersol Global. Scenarios. Person A walks into a police station and tells the desk officer that they have been subjected to a sexual assault at work. The desk officer will likely take minimal details and then pass the person onto a specially trained officer. Forensic evidence is gathered from Person A by medical staff usually at a Sexual Assault Referral Centre (SARC). Person A will be signposted to welfare support from a variety of agencies and charities should they wish to use those services. Person B [...]

Intersol Global add mediation to their suite of investigation services.

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Intersol Global firmly believes that collaboration is the key to business success. In our case, that means working with others to deliver every moving part of investigation case management seamlessly from a business issue through to the business outcome. It does not mean pretending to be all things to all people, but rather working with strategic partners to deliver the very best service possible. It does mean understanding how all those component parts work together harmoniously, efficiently, and productively. Many business and commercial disputes fall short of needing a full-scale investigation and can be resolved swiftly, efficiently, and cost-effectively by negotiation [...]

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How do YOU deliver on the Office for Students (OfS) ‘Statement of Expectations’? The OfS “statement of expectations for preventing and addressing harassment and sexual misconduct affecting students in higher education” identifies 7 key ‘should do’ recommendations to support higher education providers in England to develop and implement consistent and effective systems, policies, and processes to prevent and respond to incidents of harassment and sexual misconduct. They can be read in full here. With their strategic partners, Intersol Global support universities to deliver on all those expectations whether by training, advising, or ‘rolling their sleeves up' and delivering “an investigatory process [...]

Tackling harassment and sexual misconduct guide

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The Committee of University Chairs has published guidance for tackling harassment and sexual misconduct. Intersol Global fulfills a crucial role in delivering it as outsourced external and impartial investigation experts, also delivering on the Office for Students' statement of expectations regarding the investigation. See full guidance here. Contact the team at Intersol Global for free advice: info@intersolglobal.com            

We’re recruiting – Specialist Investigators wanted

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We are looking to supplement our team of specialist investigators working in the civil sector in high-stakes investigations, into reports of sexual misconduct/bullying/harassment. Are you PIP2 trained? Have you got a background in investigating sexual misconduct? Are you UK based? Do you like the flexibility of working from home? Are you looking for work to suit your lifestyle? Can you answer yes to the below? Do you fancy a new challenge and change in your investigation career? Contact mick@intersolglobal.com for more details.

Over to you, Mick

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After almost a decade at the helm, today Intersol CEO, Ian Hynes, hands over strategic leadership of the company to Mick Confrey. Founding the company as a sole trader in 2013, Ian Hynes today takes a ‘step back’ as part of broader succession and continuity planning, enabling Mick to ‘pilot’ the company to the next level. Ian isn’t leaving the business but is assuming more of a part-time role to support business development and relationship management, promoting the core standards, principles, and mission statement of the company. “Reinforcing the (forensic) investigative interview meeting as the ‘golden thread’ of investigation case management [...]

Intersol Global Resume ‘In Person’ Investigative Interviewing Training

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Responding to demand as people return to some normality, Intersol has scheduled a series of 'in-person' training throughout 2022 at their training academy based. Delivering Units 1 and 2 of their unique Level 3 OFQUAL accredited investigative interview training delegates can now choose and ‘mix and match’ blended online learning with classroom delivery to secure the only vocational qualification in the world to conduct and manage difficult workplace meetings and investigative interviews. What’s different about our training? Externally validated qualification, not a ‘homemade’ certificate of attendance Training at a Skillsfirst Awards recognised learning centre (number 205.001) CPD points as well if [...]

Achieving Best Evidence in Criminal Proceedings

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Achieving Best Evidence in Criminal Proceedings What has this got to do with civil proceedings I hear you ask! Plenty I would suggest! This latest revision, the first for over a decade and published earlier this week, takes account of developments in the 'science' of investigative interviewing and is another step forward to prevent miscarriages of justice arising from poor (forensic) interviewing of witnesses. It's not likely to eliminate them entirely but the education phase continues! Big thank you to all those working tirelessly to deliver outstanding service to victims and witnesses. At Intersol, the team have historically been key to [...]

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