Workplace Conduct Investigations v Private Investigation

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Workplace Conduct Investigations v Private Investigation To answer a few recent queries. Intersol Global are not Private Investigators. We do not conduct covert operations, surveillance, serve court papers, or undertake matrimonial dispute investigation. Our purpose is to deliver highly reliable and ethical workplace discipline investigation outcomes. We act as external impartial investigators for a variety of institutions We are a team of trauma-informed investigators, qualified to conduct reliable and detailed fact-finding investigations and reach conclusions based on the civil standard balance of probabilities. We investigate ethically, empathetically, proportionately, and relevantly, treating all parties equally and with respect. Where appropriate we offer [...]


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INVESTIGATING THE VIEWING OF PORN IN THE WORKPLACE. Keely Rushmore, employment partner at Keystone Law, writes in an article in People Management: “The employer should hold investigation meetings with the employee and any relevant witnesses, and, if there is sufficient evidence, it should invite the employee to a disciplinary meeting,” she said, noting that failing to do this could lead to an unfair dismissal claim, even if the behaviour was gross misconduct". BUT, what qualifies 'you' to manage those investigation meetings, known as 'investigative interviewing' in the professional investigation world? These are 'forensic' meetings, meetings that have capacity to destroy lives, [...]

Racial Harassment – why recruiting the right investigators matters

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Racial Harassment - why recruiting the right investigator's matters. At Intersol Global (investigations) we go to great lengths to recruit investigators from diverse backgrounds that are the very best at what they do. It matters because it's of paramount importance when planning and preparing for investigations and workplace investigation meetings to enable the best chance to develop rapport and empathy with others. Without those qualities, the product will be necessarily limited. It was with great pleasure therefore that we received this fabulous feedback this week, feedback that underscores the culture we're determined to foster at Intersol: “I am really thankful to [...]

Intersol Global align services with Calderbank HR

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Intersol Global is delighted to align services with Calderbank HR. Ian Hynes, CEO at Intersol Global said: “This alignment with the first-class services delivered by Calderbank HR affords a quite unique opportunity to deliver joined-up end-to-end workplace HR case management that will enable much better-informed decision-making, delivering reliable and fair outcomes for all staff, protecting reputation and saving money by ‘investing to save’”. Intersol Global train, qualify, advise, and conduct investigations and investigative interviewing within HR. They train and qualify you to better conduct low-risk volume investigations and support you by conducting the more serious and complex whilst ensuring you remain [...]

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