“Universities Accused of Failing to Tackle Sexual Misconduct” (Guardian March 2018)

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"Universities Accused of Failing to Tackle Sexual Misconduct" (Guardian March 2018) As reported in a series of investigative articles by The Guardian including: https://www.theguardian.com/world/2018/mar/28/uk-universities-accused-failing-tackle-sexual-misconduct We are delighted to be supporting Universities UK (UUK) in their endeavours to tackle the complex challenges presented by such serious misconduct. Though 'sexual misconduct' is the 'sexy' element that will inevitably attract media attention serious misconduct extends to any behaviour that may amount to criminal offending (see Pinsent Masons advice document). What's important is the balance between recognising the discipline context of the investigation with a nod of acknowledgement that it could 'go criminal' at [...]

Intersol CEO to Present to North Manchester Health and Safety Group (NMHSAG)

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Intersol CEO to Present to North Manchester Health and Safety Group (NMHSAG) NMHSAG meet bi-monthly and are open to anyone who has an interest in Health AND Safety at Work, especially useful to SMEs. The meetings provide a positive opportunity for learning and updating HANDS information via presentations, speakers, group discussions, QANDA session and networking. The group is a member of Safety Groups UK and affiliated to RoSPA. Following a fantastically well received workshop at the 2018 annual IOSH conference in Birmingham, Ian Hynes, Intersol Global CEO, will present at the next NMHSAG meeting on Thursday 18th October 2018. The topic will be [...]

Intersol attend CIPD 2017 Annual Conference

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And what a fruitful day it was! Having successfully launched their vocational accredited qualification for business managers to conduct workplace investigations it was particularly rewarding to engage with so many HR professionals at the CIPD Manchester conference today, particularly as the city is the spiritual home to so many Intersol partners! It was clear that there was an appetite for quality and competent investigation amongst many HR professionals – so topical when never a day slips by without yet another workplace conduct investigation debacle. Indeed so many professionals we met today observed just how often it was adjudged that a [...]

Terrorist Interviewing set back decades (if not centuries!) HIG to be abandoned?

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Iron Maidens, Ducking Stools, and the Judas Cradle were abandoned in civilised society centuries ago, thankfully confined to Dark Museums and history but re-kindled with modern day water-boarding, only banned 10 years ago in 2006 by the US administration when it was realised that the reliability, accuracy and value of such methods was seriously flawed. Indeed in August 2016 the UN advocated the interviewing methodology developed in the UK that relies so much more on rapport building and reciprocity to achieve reliable outcomes. Even that was preceded in history by Scharff, a second world war Lutwaffe officer,  who advocated and deployed [...]

North West based Intersol Global, design and deliver the worlds first accredited and regulated training to conduct workplace ‘investigative’ interviews.

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Virgin trains east coast (VTEC), recognising the many business benefits for health and safety, HR, staff development, and reliable decision-making, worked with Intersol to contextualise course content and roll out the training to 15 staff as stage 1 of a broader strategic plan to better equip teams with the skills to conduct reliable and meaningful workplace meetings and enquiries – The first in the world to achieve the accreditation. Intersol have since gone on to deliver the same accreditation to Pinsent Masons lawyers, supporting them to achieve another ‘world-first’ for corporate lawyers and set them apart from other law firms, and are [...]

Capacity in the Family Court: difficult decisions

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Capacity in the context of family proceedings raises some complex issues – this seminar explores these with some case studies covering basic principles and how these are applied. On behalf of a valued associate see here for more details and booking arrangements: Capacity-Flyer-8mar18-1

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