During a week when not a day has passed without reference to a workplace investigation, abuse of power, sexual assaults, reputations in tatters, lives ruined, and constant repetition of the hollow phrase: “We are commissioning an independent investigation”, have you reflected on the competence and qualifications of those charged with such onerous responsibility to actually conduct investigations and investigative interviews of those witnesses to, and suspects of, workplace misconduct?

Workplace investigations are life altering, career threatening and high risk, yet are often allocated randomly to a middle manager based entirely on status within the company, irrelevant that they have had no training or competence in the skill. Similarly lawyers whose key role is to advise clients on the implications and outcomes of investigations, NOT to conduct them. It is a brave and honest lawyer who accepts the limitations of their investigative skills.

Equally a variety of entities in the private sector are offering training on how to conduct those investigations and interviews. have you ever reflected on their competence to do so? When did they last actually investigate or conduct an interview? When were they or their training last independently reviewed and evaluated?

Precisely the reason Intersol Global have invested in becoming a regulated and accredited training centre, able to deliver accredited training NOT just certificates of attendance.

Intersol uniquely combine training, advising, and delivering investigations and interviewing  as the ‘DNA’ of Extraordinary Case Management (ECM©). (See https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=V8zqxLI6AIkANDt=8s)

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