Having been the project business lead to successfully design and rollout the entire server based investigative interviewing recording solutions for a major Metropolitan police force, the author is delighted to announce that by aligning strategically with Indico they are enabled to provide a peerless holistic interviewing solution for clients worldwide. Intersols world class expert practitioners combine with Indico technology to provide a discreet forensic interview service at their new UK HQ. Seen below are the CEOs of both companies following a review visit to secure vital feedback following almost 5 years of use. The CEO of Intersol, Ian Hynes, is pictured ‘interviewing’ his opposite number from Indico, Stig Knutsen, in a state of the art suspect interview facility – note the contrast with those portrayed and sensationalised in the media!


The author was recently on the ‘other side’ of an investigative interview, reinvigorating the essential qualities and benefits of accurately recording fact-finding interviews, particularly when they are used to inform high stakes decisions, and accuracy, detail, and reliability are paramount.

The link to the paper written by this author can be found here and is essential reading if you have any involvement in the investigation, interviewing, or business decision-making that relies on reliable facts: Recording Interviews – Final

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