Now that they’ve moved into their new Head Office in South Manchester, recognising that many institutions have neither the capacity or resilience of larger ‘entities’, and responding to widespread demand, Intersol are able to offer Unit 1 of this unique qualification to a wider audience and certificate an understanding of the principles of fact-finding investigative interviews. This unit can be ‘banked’ for 6 months and complemented by Unit 2 (a further 2 days) to achieve the full level 3 accreditation.

Delivered onsite at our offices within DeVere Cheadle House, this presents a great opportunity to work with and learn from the worlds foremost subject matter experts, share experiences, and network with like-minded professionals, enabling you to be better placed to handle those difficult fact-finding workplace interviews and meetings.

Unlike others we are not simply a training company; yes we train, coach, and develop, but significantly ALL our team are current practitioners who maintain relevancy and competency. At Intersol we train it, advise on it, and deliver it.

If you or any member of your team partake in meetings or conversations that can be difficult, challenging or awkward, and need to be ‘managed’; or your decisions rely on fact, detail, and accuracy then this course is a ‘must have’ for you.

Effective workplace meetings and conversations (interviews) that are professionally conducted and quality assured secure clear business benefit and outcomes. They can:

  • Direct and inform organisational Governance, Regulation, and Compliance (GRC)
  • Protect your brand and reputation
  • Underpin your company values and culture
  • Provide internal reassurance, consistency, and confidence
  • Preserve stakeholder loyalty, improving performance
  • Identify, reduce, and manage risks
  • Increase revenue and reduce costs
  • Increase public confidence
  • Energise, motivate, and empower staff
  • Support industry standard leadership
  • Reassure the regulators and avoid sanctions

 Conversely, failure to quality assure and professionally undertake those meetings, can attract adverse consequence for your organisation, causing:

  • Loss of critical information and exposure to risk
  • Irreparable brand, institutional, and personal damage
  • Stakeholder disengagement
  • Increased expenditure on unnecessary meetings and interviews
  • Poor value and return on investment
  • Reinforcement of poor practice
  • Inefficient resource deployment
  • Lack of internal and external credibility and confidence
  • Failure to adhere to regulation
  • Regulatory or criminal sanction

 Fact-finding workplace meetings ARE investigative interviews they are a search for detail, accuracy, and checkable facts to best inform decision-makers.

Preferential rates for accommodation are offered for Intersol clients.

Information on detail, dates, venue etc can be found here: 2 Day Workshop flyer 

Remember: Train it, Advise it, Deliver it!

(Bookings are subject to minimum number of attendees. Intersol also work with clients ‘in house’ on a range of projects, contact for details).