In a context of (well-founded) increasing negative criticism of investigation quality Intersol are particularly pleased to announce that today sees the rollout of an innovative programme to equip managers at Virgin Trains with the skills and competencies to conduct workplace investigations so that risk is identified, money saved, and reputation enhanced.

Intersol Global have teamed up with Virgin and Skillsfirst to design and deliver the first vocationally accredited investigative interviewing qualification in the world relevant to their roles. In keeping with the class-leading ethos of Virgin Intersol deliver non-technical skills that will enable and empower staff to conduct ‘Extraordinary Conversation Management’ that contributes significantly to all stages of ‘Extraordinary Case Management’ (ECM®).

This level 3 regulated qualification benchmarks competencies and should be the minimum standard expected of ANY person with the heavy responsibility to undertake investigations that can be life-altering or even life-threatening in extreme cases. It will become the commissioning standard for any entity that values quality, effectiveness, and competency.

Decision-makers in any industry rely on facts, detail, and accuracy and Intersols model of managing those difficult workplace meetings and conversations secures exactly that!

Why are we different?

Combining training, advising, and operations, we create the very DNA of ECM® by remaining current, relevant, and proportionate.

We align with the very best in class, and our world leading experts are ‘doers’ not just ‘talkers’!

If you’ve got an investigative difficulty or challenge and you value reputation please feel free to contact for a discreet and confidential discussion.

Best wishes,

Ian Hynes, CEO.