Prosecutors urged to ditch ‘weak’ rape cases to improve figures

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Prosecutors urged to ditch 'weak' rape cases to improve figures All rather simplistic? CPS decision-making relies on the quality, competence, detail, accuracy and reliability of the material that the investigators provide them. Investigations alter, on occasion cost, lives and yet so often we entrust it to the unqualified and inexperienced, never more than in the current climate of austerity and politically driven knee-jerk reaction?

Groundbreaking Development for Investigation

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In a context of (well-founded) increasing negative criticism of investigation quality Intersol are particularly pleased to announce that today sees the rollout of an innovative programme to equip managers at Virgin Trains with the skills and competencies to conduct workplace investigations so that risk is identified, money saved, and reputation enhanced. Intersol Global have teamed up with Virgin and Skillsfirst to design and deliver the first vocationally accredited investigative interviewing qualification in the world relevant to their roles. In keeping with the class-leading ethos of Virgin Intersol deliver non-technical skills that will enable and empower staff to conduct ‘Extraordinary Conversation Management’ that [...]

Thought for a Friday! Investigations and Interviewing

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During a week when not a day has passed without reference to a workplace investigation, abuse of power, sexual assaults, reputations in tatters, lives ruined, and constant repetition of the hollow phrase: “We are commissioning an independent investigation”, have you reflected on the competence and qualifications of those charged with such onerous responsibility to actually conduct investigations and investigative interviews of those witnesses to, and suspects of, workplace misconduct? Workplace investigations are life altering, career threatening and high risk, yet are often allocated randomly to a middle manager based entirely on status within the company, irrelevant that they have had no [...]

Manage those difficult conversations!

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Manage those difficult conversations! Do you conduct workplace meetings or any ‘conversation’ to elicit accurate and reliable detail and facts? Do you want your decisions and outcomes to be based on solid foundations? Do you want to save money, stop wasting time, and boost reputation and confidence? Yes? Conversation Management is your answer – contact us at to understand how we can do all this, and more, WITH you, not by lecturing AT you!

Intersol attend CIPD 2017 Annual Conference

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And what a fruitful day it was! Having successfully launched their vocational accredited qualification for business managers to conduct workplace investigations it was particularly rewarding to engage with so many HR professionals at the CIPD Manchester conference today, particularly as the city is the spiritual home to so many Intersol partners! It was clear that there was an appetite for quality and competent investigation amongst many HR professionals – so topical when never a day slips by without yet another workplace conduct investigation debacle. Indeed so many professionals we met today observed just how often it was adjudged that a [...]

Intersol Academy investigation training awarded ‘Direct Claims Status’ (DCS) by Skillsfirst.

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Intersol Academy recently delivered the worlds first vocational qualification to conduct investigation  interviews in the workplace to Virgin Rail managers and were thrilled to receive rave reviews. It (the qualification) will be delivered to clients from another industry in the coming weeks and will mark another significant global breakthrough – watch this space! At Intersol we do investigation and interview training, advising, and delivery of the highest quality and relevance to todays industries, that’s the difference that makes the difference! If you want a meaningful qualification with relevancy to your business give us a call or drop us a line, we’d be [...]

Terrorist Interviewing set back decades (if not centuries!) HIG to be abandoned?

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Iron Maidens, Ducking Stools, and the Judas Cradle were abandoned in civilised society centuries ago, thankfully confined to Dark Museums and history but re-kindled with modern day water-boarding, only banned 10 years ago in 2006 by the US administration when it was realised that the reliability, accuracy and value of such methods was seriously flawed. Indeed in August 2016 the UN advocated the interviewing methodology developed in the UK that relies so much more on rapport building and reciprocity to achieve reliable outcomes. Even that was preceded in history by Scharff, a second world war Lutwaffe officer,  who advocated and deployed [...]

What is Investigative Interviewing in a Workplace Setting and what are some of the Business Benefits?

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In their latest video Mick Confrey, COO of Intersol Global, explains about the application of this skill within the workplace and Ian Hynes, CEO gives a brief insight into just a few of the business benefits. These follow on from the Chairmans explanation of the concept of Extraordinary Case Management (ECM®) and can be seen here: If you want to know more about how Intersol can help your business or just need a bit of advice please feel free to contact for a free and confidential chat. Intersol can boast a team of subject matter experts who are [...]

Intersol Global – Investigation and Interviewing Solutions. New Year, New Offices!

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2018 promises to be a significant and exciting year in the remarkable development of intersol Global. The leading supplier of investigation and interviewing training, advising, and delivery, Intersol have moved into new offices at Cheadle House, Royal Crescent, Cheadle, SK8 3FS. This move enables an array of onsite facilities and services; bespoke training rooms that cater from 5 to 50, conference and workshop facilities, accommodation, discreet interview rooms and recording facilities, everything that will support the next phase of growth by this cutting edge innovative group of professionals, a ‘one-stop shop’ for all your investigation and interviewing requirements. What elevates Intersol [...]