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November 2017

Intersol Academy investigation training awarded ‘Direct Claims Status’ (DCS) by Skillsfirst.

Intersol Academy recently delivered the worlds first vocational qualification to conduct investigation  interviews in the workplace to Virgin Rail managers and were thrilled to receive rave reviews.
It (the qualification) will be delivered to clients from another industry in the coming weeks and will mark another significant global breakthrough – watch this space!
At Intersol we do investigation and interview training, advising, and delivery of the highest quality and relevance to todays industries, that’s the difference that makes the difference!

If you want a meaningful qualification with relevancy to your business give us a call or drop us a line, we’d be delighted to assist.

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Intersols CEO had the pleasure some years ago to work briefly with Adele Gladman, Director of Safeguarding Children Training and Cosultancy, on a training project addressing, somewhat prophetically, the emerging threat of abuse of power by those in positions of control to enable sexual offending.

Adele has gone on to develop her safeguarding consultancy and has asked for support to promote their event:

Making Justice Work for Victims of Child Sexual Abuse and Exploitation, a unique 1 day conference which gives those attending the chance to see the criminal justice system like you have never seen it before. This is an event which is relevant for all those services supporting vulnerable child witnesses and historical victims, as well as those working within the criminal justice system. We are thrilled to have the support of the Chief Constable of West Yorkshire who will be opening the event as well as a range of high profile speakers- survivors and their family members, senior representatives from central government, survivors, highly experienced practitioners, and academia sharing their practical experience and the latest research. In sharing innovative work across the UK, this conference offers true value for money, enabling participants to gain unique insights from a range of perspectives to take back into practice.

Full details and bookings to attend can be made via this link:



Intersol attend CIPD 2017 Annual Conference

And what a fruitful day it was!

Having successfully launched their vocational accredited qualification for business managers to conduct workplace investigations it was particularly rewarding to engage with so many HR professionals at the CIPD Manchester conference today, particularly as the city is the spiritual home to so many Intersol partners!

It was clear that there was an appetite for quality and competent investigation amongst many HR professionals – so topical when never a day slips by without yet another workplace conduct investigation debacle. Indeed so many professionals we met today observed just how often it was adjudged that a tribunal outcome was correct whilst the processes employed were fundamentally flawed – leading to financial penalties accordingly.

The author is well placed to observe the need for professionalisation of the way HR conduct investigations having very recently sat across the table from a senior manager and their HR manager as a ‘friend’ during the ‘investigative interview’ of an employee, witnessing first hand the many areas for improvement. Robust deconstruction of the HR ‘case’ secured the (now ex) employee a £15k uplift in personal settlement, whilst in another case Intersols’ robustly ethical support of the HR function and company lawyer to investigate and manage a case ‘extraordinarily’ enabled a net business cost settlement saving approaching £50,000!

Intersol look forward to progressing many of the promising contacts made today and wish every success to the CIPD hosts, exhibitors, and delegates.

Thanks for a great conference and all the networking opportunities it presents.

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Thought for a Friday! Investigations and Interviewing.

During a week when not a day has passed without reference to a workplace investigation, abuse of power, sexual assaults, reputations in tatters, lives ruined, and constant repetition of the hollow phrase: “We are commissioning an independent investigation”, have you reflected on the competence and qualifications of those charged with such onerous responsibility to actually conduct investigations and investigative interviews of those witnesses to, and suspects of, workplace misconduct?

Workplace investigations are life altering, career threatening and high risk, yet are often allocated randomly to a middle manager based entirely on status within the company, irrelevant that they have had no training or competence in the skill. Similarly lawyers whose key role is to advise clients on the implications and outcomes of investigations, NOT to conduct them. It is a brave and honest lawyer who accepts the limitations of their investigative skills.

Equally a variety of entities in the private sector are offering training on how to conduct those investigations and interviews. have you ever reflected on their competence to do so? When did they last actually investigate or conduct an interview? When were they or their training last independently reviewed and evaluated?

Precisely the reason Intersol Global have invested in becoming a regulated and accredited training centre, able to deliver accredited training NOT just certificates of attendance.

Intersol uniquely combine training, advising, and delivering investigations and interviewing  as the ‘DNA’ of Extraordinary Case Management (ECM©). (See

Have a lovely relaxing weekend!