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April 2017

Do your decision-makers rely on detail and facts that accurately and completely inform those decisions and business outcomes?

Are your decisions ever subject to scrutiny?

Is it of value to your organisation to reduce costs, save time, and reduce risk?

Do you value maintaining stakeholder reputation?

Is brand reputation of value to your entity?

Intersol COO, Mick Confrey, is in Hong Kong delivering innovative training that hits all these ‘sweet spots’, enabling a global bank to satisfy the regulators and secure all the advantages above.

Who is at risk? What is at stake? Where can Intersol add value? When can Intersol support you? Why do you need the services of Intersol? How can we help you?

Contact us at and we will explain the 5WH, don’t find yourself sat on a time-bomb!



Workplace Case Management is nothing more complex than the identification of a workplace problem, identification of the necessary and proportionate steps to address that problem, and a successful business outcome that withstands the closest scrutiny and test.

It can vary from extremely poor and unacceptable, sub-standard, through to minimally acceptable case management that fulfils the most basic of professional standards. Intersol don’t do sub-standard or standard, they do’Extraordinary’; Case Management that is exceptional, unexpected , and which surpasses expectations.

Workplace decision makers rely entirely on the quality, accuracy, and value of the information (or evidence) provided to them to enable fully informed decision-making. Getting it right will save money, reduce costs, increase revenue, manage risks and protect personal and institutional reputation.
The process of securing that accurate information and detailed facts is an investigation.
The above diagram illustrates examples of the stages a workplace investigation might pass through to achieve a successful business outcome and Intersols world-leading experts have adapted techniques and tools that add value and save costs at every stage.Key to their processes is the recognition that non-technical skills, managing workplace conversations and fact-finding meetings, is the ‘golden thread’ woven through every stage of the Case management process.

They have gone so far as to design and roll-out an OFQUAL regulated vocational qualification in the process, the first of its kind in the world.

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