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December 2016

North America developments and rulings on restricting whistleblowers actions.

SEC says NeuStar tried to impede whistleblowing.

The Securities and Exchange Commission fined a Virginia-based technology company $180,000 Monday for using severance agreements that impeded former employees from communicating information to the SEC.

The SEC said NeuStar Inc. routinely put language in severance agreements forbidding departing employees from sending regulators “any communication that disparages, denigrates, maligns or impugns” the company.

The employees could forfeit all but $100 of their severance pay for breaching the clause.

Link to full article courtesy of the FCPA Blog here


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Intersol Media Release – Managing Workplace Investigation Meetings

After many months in the planning, design, and piloting, Intersol Global today launch their much awaited one day workshop for anybody who is involved with the process of conducting workplace investigations and meetings – any meeting where it is the task of one person to secure detail and fact from another.

In an era of increasing regulation and scrutiny, a time when organisations and businesses have never been so exposed to risk, the demand for an extraordinary case management process has never been higher or so crucial. How do you value reputation? Ask the Football Association, the BBC, NHS, Global Banks, VW, to name but a few, just how easy reputation can be tarnished – the list goes on and yet the remedy really is quite simple – robust, transparent, and ethical governance, regulation, and control measures achieved by competent investigation and what is thought of as forensic quality interviewing of people, NOT interviewing with pre-conceived ideas and a closed mindset, not corrupting the memory with inappropriate questioning, or selectively editing detail and misleading or failing to properly inform the decision maker.

So often in a workplace investigation for example it is not the outcome that is in question, perhaps the person(s) probably deserved dismissal, but it is the process the journey took that’s flawed. In our past professions this was termed ‘active defence’ so why not learn from the worlds leading experts, indeed the very person who coined the phrase, our Chairman Professor Eric Shepherd (see ‘Active Defence’, Ede and Shepherd).

If you or your organisation want to achieve a step change and support every manager you charge with the heavy responsibility of investigating others in the workplace then this workshop and training is an absolute essential, never mind ‘nice to have’, it’s a ‘must have’ if you are exposing people to significant life changing responsibility and risk.

We will support you and your organisation to deliver Extraordinary Case Management (ECM®) saving you money, empowering staff, not just preserving reputation but enhancing it.

See full media release here and contact for more information – we undertake to provide one free workshop place in 6 on every course booked before the end of January 2017.

Get 5 HR, lawyers, or workplace managers together and get your place free! Contact us at for more detail.