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October 2016

Earlier this month, Intersol Global trained four more barristers at 9 Bedford Row in specialist investigative interviewing skills. Gillian Higgins, Gary Summers, Leena Lakhani and Katie Mustard were all awarded a certificate of achievement from the Intersol Global Academy by its Global Director Mick Confrey.

This was the latest roll out of training for barristers and Intersol are immensely proud and privileged to have been selected to deliver and facilitate this specialist training and coaching. They were selected because of their unrivalled team of world class experts that put evidence based research at the very heart of investigation and investigative interview practice, meeting full on the mission statement of 9 Bedford Row to “Provide you with effective representation and strategic advice from practitioners who are at the forefront of international justice”.

As with all learning this was very much a ‘two-way street’, adult learning methodology making the whole training experience not just exceptionally informative for all parties but making it enjoyable and satisfying.

Full media release here: media-release-9-bedford-row


“In October 2004, a rumour of a gang fight circulated on an east London estate and a large crowd of around 50 young people gathered to take part. During the melee, one youth received a fatal blow from a sharp object and the attackers fled on their bicycles. This tragedy left one young man dead and another, Sam Hallam, convicted of murder – wrongly, as it later turned out.

Eyewitness evidence lay at the heart of this case. One witness picked Hallam out of a police lineup while another identified him in an interview. Yet both these testimonies were later shown to be false and eventually – after seven years in prison – Sam Hallam had his conviction quashed and he was released. For all the importance of eyewitness testimony to the justice system, witnesses can and do get things wrong. Understanding exactly why could help us reduce the chances of further miscarriages of justice.” (Thank you – The Conversation).


This is the lead into a great article about eyewitnesses penned by Professor Amina Memon, a piece that succinctly captures the essence of so many miscarriages of justice worldwide. It has long been our philosophy at Intersol Global that the true worth of forensically competent investigative interviewing has been systematically eroded in the last few decades, probably not unrelated to fading memory of pre PACE and CPIA investigative tactics and the over reliance on DNA and CCTV (routinely poorly applied in the forensic interview of both witnesses and suspects).

For every such case the real offender, the murderer, sex offender, rapist, remains at liberty to create more victims, miscarriage is a two-way debacle.

The author of this comment has personal experience of social conversation with a magistrate (and rather too many senior investigators) who was insistent one witness was lying because their account was at odds with another – a definite training need was identified!

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For the full text of this article click here.


A senior executive at Barratt Developments has been suspended after being arrested on suspicion of bribery over possible misconduct in awarding contracts for new housing developments.

The arrests follow the referral in April by the FTSE 100 house builder to the Met of the initial findings of an internal investigation which it started in August 2015. The investigation was sparked by an internal audit, which looked into “possible misconduct in the process for awarding and managing certain material and sub-contract supply contracts in London”.

Full report courtesy of The Telegraph can be found here

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Press Release from the US Securities and Exchange Commission:

The Securities and Exchange Commission today announced a global settlement along with the U.S. Department of Justice and Brazilian authorities that requires aircraft manufacturer Embraer S.A. to pay more than $205 million to resolve alleged violations of  the Foreign Corrupt Practices Act (FCPA).

The SEC’s complaint alleges that Embraer made more than $83 million in profits as a result of bribe payments from its U.S.-based subsidiary through third-party agents to foreign government officials in the Dominican Republic, Saudi Arabia, and Mozambique.  Embraer allegedly created false books and records to conceal the illicit payments, and also engaged in an alleged accounting scheme in India………..

Link to full press release here

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“Scientists at King’s College London have shown why people with autism are more logical in their decision-making and less susceptible to the so-called ‘Framing Effect’compared to people who do not have the disorder.

The ‘Framing Effect’, described by the nobel-prize-winning psychologist Daniel Kahneman in the 1980s, refers to the discovery that decisions are based on the way choices are framed. Kahneman and his colleagues showed that this was because people use their emotions when making decisions, hence some options appear more desirable than others, even when choices offer the same reward.”

Thanks Psypost for the interesting article, available here


“The UK’s Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) has fined Sonali Bank UK £3.25 million for “serious” anti-money laundering (AML) systems failings.

It has imposed a restriction, preventing it from accepting deposits from new customers for 168 days, and fined the bank’s former money laundering reporting officer (MLRO), Steven Smith, £17,900 and prohibited him from performing the MLRO or compliance oversight functions at regulated firms.”

Intersol can work with you and your GRC and audit staff to mitigate this risk and damage to reputation, supporting and coaching ethically robust investigation and interviewing to identify risks without disengaging stakeholders. We’ve already done it with a world leading global bank and other institutions and continue to do so. Please contact for an informal and confidential discussion.

Full article courtesy of Banking Technology can be read here


At Intersol Global we are delighted to support initiatives that help the development of young people. To this end this new development programme, an extended arm of the Business Network that facilitates mentorship of young professional men and women, has just been launched and their next meeting is at Manchesters acclaimed Midland Hotel on the 25th November 2016. If you are a young person looking to develop yourself and opportunity take a look at the carousel of meetings and training via the following link:

More details of the programme can be found here 


An interesting alternative take on witnesses/victims re-visiting the scenes of traumatic incident. Albeit a view from a therapeutic and clinical perspective it does help to inform this recurring debate on its merits or otherwise.

The full article ‘To Hell and Back’, courtesy of The Psychologist can be viewed here


A fascinating article courtesy of the BBC that looks at the impact and some therapeutic possibilities for ‘false or implanted memories’. Far too little is known of this in the Criminal Justice World, how it potentially impacts on witnesses and forensic quality of testimony. Intersol Global have a fascinating first hand case study of the dramatic impact that false memory can have on  the path of justice – never more significant than in the present era when ‘non-recent’ sexual abuse is under the microscope.

Link to full article here. 


“For compliance officers wondering about Wells Fargo and their own companies and careers, here’s my advice. Put aside your personal politics or ideals and look deeply into your company’s core values. These are the values expressed by the Board through the codes of conduct. (Mike Scher, FCPA Blog 03/10/16).

The full article courtesy of the FCPA blog can be viewed here 

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