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September 2016

The Youth Justice Legal centre (YJLC) have published a very useful guide to assist those defending young defendants in criminal cases where an intermediary might be an aid to communication.

COMMENT: there is compelling reason for affording access to intermediaries to ALL suspects from the outset of the criminal justice process, NOT just when a case gets to court, by which time much damage (miscarriage) may already have been caused (or could have been prevented?)?

Link to full paper here




Intersol Global are delighted to support the promotion of this tool based on the ground-breaking Self Administered Interview (SAI) developed by world-leading forensic psychology experts. An investigative interview tool that makes the very best of memory limitations, it is a ‘must-have’ option in any investigative context.

The video available via this link says it all!

Please contact Intersol Global for a free, no obligation, consultation about this, the SAI, or any other investigative interviewing solution. As world leaders, we WILL add value to, and savings for, your business.


We came across this article in The New Yorker thanks to a tweet by Professor Lorraine Hope, a ground-breaking contemporary innovative researcher who has contributed enormously to quality investigative interviewing of the highest ethical standing.

The article advises that techniques embraced within the ‘REID’ interview model have a place in the investigative interviewing of children.

“About a year and a half ago, Jessica Schneider was handed a flyer by one of her colleagues in the child-advocacy community. It advertised a training session, offered under the auspices of the Illinois Principals Association (I.P.A.), in how to interrogate students. Specifically, teachers and school administrators would be taught an abbreviated version of the Reid Technique, which is used across the country by police officers, private-security personnel, insurance-fraud investigators, and other people for whom getting at the truth is part of the job. Schneider, who is a staff attorney at the Chicago Lawyers’ Committee for Civil Rights Under Law, was alarmed. She knew that some psychologists and jurists have characterized the technique as coercive and liable to produce false confessions—especially when used with juveniles, who are highly suggestible. When she expressed her concerns to Brian Schwartz, the I.P.A.’s general counsel, he said that the association had been offering Reid training for many years and found it both popular and benign. To prove it, he invited Schneider to attend a session in January of 2015.”

The full article is well worth a read and can be found via this link.


For clarity, Intersol Global do not advocate or support the deployment of such tactics, preferring the methodology deployed within the PEACE framework that includes cognitive interviewing, enhanced cognitive interviewing, and conversation management. Please feel free to contact the IG team at if you’d like additional information or informal discussion.


Wow, when read in isolation a worrying headline when considering the number of miscarriages of justice stemming from identification issues albeit the research detail does add a little context.

It’s unusual to add editorial comment but this is such a delicate area it’s irresistible not to do so (the author will correspond separately with the research team. It would be interesting to understand the practitioner input to this research).

Increasingly flawed North American tactics are seeping into the UK CJS, note the deployment of Polygraphs in the arena of sex offender management, unethical interview techniques for example. 40 yrs of high stakes investigation underscores real ignorance of many of these tactics, toxic in the context of austerity when managers are looking at quick fix cashable savings.

A couple of practitioner observations re identification; is it ID or recognition? What is the forensic quality of the questions asked of ID witnesses during the parade? How has their memory been preserved, is it contaminated? What control measures are in place?

I can assure you that both police, prosecutors, and the judiciary are largely ignorant of these issues – calamitous when justice is at stake?

Just some thoughts. Want to learn more about Extraordinary Case Management (ECM®), contact

Full article here


“Vehicles are a major source of these magnetite nanospheres. They are created by fuel combustion (especially diesel), iron wear from the engine block and frictional heating from brake pads”.

The emissions deception scandal has a long way to run yet and will rumble on I suspect. Is fiddling the emission figures is just the tip of the iceberg?
Why does it take catastrophic outcomes to trigger reactive robust compliance?

We work proactively with organisations to manage that risk before it presents, saving money and improving reputation along the way.

Link to The Conversation article here


If your business relies on managing risk it is highly likely that there is a crucial need to understand lying (we all lie!) and the reality of detecting deceptive behaviour.

Would it add value and benefit your business to:

  • understand Credibility Assessment
  • understand who lies, why, when, and how
  • spot a liar
  • avoid ‘red herrings’
  • identify behavioural ‘hot spots’ such as language, non verbal behaviour and vocal characteristics
  • identify strategies to maximise the differences between liars and truth tellers
  • understand the importance of baselines and discrepancies between channels of behaviour

Intersol Global deliver training to global financial institutions in ‘Understanding Truthful and Deceptive Communication’ and can apply this to an effective investigative interviewing framework.

Recent feedback from a Global Asset Management Company included:

“Excellent trainer knowledge – absolutely essential training for those responsible for asset management”.

“It was really useful to see examples of deceptive behaviour and really important to understand how this knowledge is applied to interviews in the field”.

“First class evidence based training by experts – really useful”.

If this one day workshop is of interest to you or your organisation please contact for a discreet and informal initial consultation.

Intersol Global work with clients to provide a holistic range of tools and solutions that add value to investigation, interviewing and case management.

If you are reading this and have any involvement whatsoever in the investigation, support, or aftercare of victims of (or witnesses to) domestic violence you simply must take a look at the Self Administered Interview (SAI), an investigative tool developed by world leading academics applied in practice, and supplied by Intersol Global (IG) that is empirically proven to enhance witness memory, preserve it from external influence, and protect it long term.

See this link to our article in Linked In


This month sees the national launch of the Business Networks personal development programme for young professionals, a programme designed to complement the many technical skills of our young people with seminars from industry and subject matter experts covering Leadership Skills, Presentation Skills, Networking and Communications Skills, Resilience, Personality Profiling and much more. A programme that will enable young people to demonstrate additional skills that set them apart from the competition.

Enrolment on the scheme will also open doors to additional learning and qualification, for our part we will subsidise the cost of a level 3 qualification in investigative interviewing (a ‘must- have’ for HR, workplace investigation, audit and compliance, legal, GRC etc) for any fellow member of the Business Network and participant on this innovative and exciting new programme.

The link to the website is here if you’d like to know more. Please note that the age is indicative, NOT restrictive.

If you’d like any more information either follow the website link or contact info@intersolglobal and we can direct you to the programme leaders.

This really is an opportunity to learn corporate life skills from the very best in the business.

U.S. regulators said on Tuesday that AstraZeneca Plc (AZN.L) will pay $5.52 million to resolve a foreign bribery probe into improper payments by its sales and marketing staff to state-employed healthcare officials in China and Russia.

The U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission detailed the settlement with the London-based drug company in an order instituting an administrative proceeding arising out of violations of provisions in the Foreign Corrupt Practices Act.

AstraZeneca, which cooperated with the probe, neither admitted nor denied wrongdoing. In a statement, it said the U.S. Justice Department has meanwhile closed a related foreign bribery investigation.

Full Reuters report here

After this week’s $22 million award to a whistleblower, SEC leaders called the whistleblower program a game changer that has transformed the SEC’s ability to protect investors.

More than $107 million has been awarded to 33 whistleblowers. The biggest award was more than $30 million in 2014. This week’s $22 million award was the second biggest.

Whistleblower tips have helped the SEC bring successful enforcement actions “where more than $504 million was ordered in sanctions, including more than $346 million in disgorgement and interest for harmed investors,” the agency said.

See full article courtesy of FCPA blog here

IG comment:

Whilst policy in the UK and throughout Europe is NOT to incentivise ‘whistleblowers’ (key workplace witnesses?) with financial reward, primarily for ethical reasons of inducement, at IG we can support your organisation to more accurately and productively de-brief the witness in a forensically robust manner, supporting the genuine whilst exposing the disingenuous.

Contact for more information