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February 2016

Are you professionally involved in any capacity in the investigation into sexual offences?

If so, the experience of an array of world leading experts has been collated and edited by a first class team of academics and practitioners into the OUP publication ‘Witness Testimony in Sexual Cases’ .

Ian Hynes, CEO Intersol Global, was pleased to co-author the chapter dealing with investigation and provides a link to the publication and a significant discount below:

Witness Testimony in Sexual Cases (for email)

Intersol Global are determined to reinforce quality and competent investigative interviewing at the very heart of the investigation process, particularly Extraordinary Case Management (ECM), and have a collegiate team of expert consultants able to offer advice, support, and consultancy wherever there is an investigative or interviewing imperative.

See link to our team here.

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Intersol Global Support Australasian Webinar on Interviewing Skills.

The Australian based Environment Protection Agency (EPA) in cooperation with the Australasian Environmental Law Enforcement and Regulators Network (AELERT) were keen to work with a locally based academic expert to explore and promote the benefits of skilled investigative interviewing.

Intersol Global are delighted to have supported Kevin Rowley and the Australasian Environmental Law Enforcement and Regulators Network (AELERT) with their recent webinar throughout the region outlining the merits and business benefits of proficient investigative interviewing. The webinar was subscribed to by a record 20% of the membership and attracted the following typical feedback:

“Speaker was fantastic, material was fantastic, so grateful to have access to this resource. This presentation has influenced what advice I will be giving to staff and has affirmed what it took me 15 years to figure out with how to get the most information from someone. Feed on the side was very helpful too.”

“The presenter was excellent; his subject knowledge was evident and his pace was great. I was totally engaged throughout and feel I took away some good learnings.”

“Prior to joining Parks Victoria, I was a Detective with Victoria Police for over 20 years. I found Karl’s presentation to be very engaging and relevant, and to be of benefit to anyone who is required to interview a person during the course of their work.”

“I really liked the organisation of this event, and the clear and concise communications leading up to it. On the day, I found the audio and video quality to be exceptional (live streaming to Ballarat State Government Building) and had no technical issues whatsoever. I sometimes baulk at live feed webinars due to tech issues, but this one was top rate. Thank you.”

Intersol Global look forward to future collaboration with the EPA and AELERT to:

Share and solve common issues;
Identify best practice and consistent approaches to environmental regulation;
Access a range of industry networking opportunities;
Collaborate to exchange resources, information, knowledge and experience.

AELERT can be found here

Construction and professional services company Sweett Group plc was sentenced Friday in London and ordered to pay £2.25 million ($3.15 million) for bribing an official in the United Arab Emirates.

The company pleaded guilty in December 2015 to a charge of failing to prevent an act of bribery intended to secure and retain a contract with Al Ain Ahlia Insurance Company (AAAI), contrary to Section 7(1)(b) of the Bribery Act 2010.

The offenses occurred between December 2012 and December 2015.

See full report courtesy of FCPA blog here

Australia: Internal Investigations.

It goes without saying that wrongful conduct in a corporate setting can have drastic and irreparable legal, commercial and reputational consequences for the individuals and entities involved. Internal investigations, which can be carried out quickly and tailored to address specific company concerns, can be particularly well suited to identifying, minimising and remediating such fallout.

See link to full article here, courtesy of GIR

“Europes Banks Face Frightening Future”.

Since the fall of Lehman Bros in 2008 8 of Europes leading banks have endured:

100,000 employee lay-offs, $63 BILLION legal penalties, and $420 BILLION in lost market value!

How might improved internal control, compliance, and audit have reduced these numbers? How might they improve performance, reputation and risk in the future? How might they help avoid sanction and even criminal proceedings in the future?

With just a minimum investment at the ‘front’ end’ significant savings can be mad at the ‘back end’.

Intersol Globals associate team of award winning world leading experts can help by supporting your internal functions to improve performance whilst maintaining stakeholder engagement.

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See full Bloomberg article here.

Directors of Chinese Bank arrested in Spain in Money Laundering Probe.

On 17 February 2016 Europol supported the Spanish Guardia Civil in an operation which targeted the top management of the Spanish branch of the Industrial and Commercial Bank of China (ICBC) as part of a probe into the suspected laundering of at least EUR 40 million.

This operation, known as Operation Shadow, is part of a wider probe carried out last year against Chinese organised crime groups based in Spain. In May 2015, Europol supported Operation Snake which led to the dismantlement of a Chinese criminal network suspected of importing huge amounts of goods from China without declaring them on customs forms, to avoid import and tax duties.

See full Europol media release here.

Circumstantial evidence: Making a murderer English style. The importance of audio and visually recording witness interviews.

Re ‘star witnesses’ in particular.
They are ‘key’ or ‘significant’ witnesses (separately defined) within the compass of the UK CJS, and their interviews should be at least audio recorded if not visually for precisely the reasons highlighted.
Since the regulation of suspect interviewing by PACE and the welcome move away from interrogation and confession driven suspect interviewing ‘future miscarriages of justice are more likely to arise from the interviewing of witnesses than suspects’.
The forensic worth of witness interviewing simply has to be open to closer scrutiny if opportunity for miscarriage in all investigative contexts is to be significantly reduced (both ways!) and this sits at the very core of Intersol Globals philosophy.

See full article courtesy of The Justice Gap here.

FB Cover

Intersol Global are delighted to support and attend this ground breaking Child Sexual Exploitation Conference. If you have a professional responsibility in this field the conference will undoubtedly add value to your development.

“Dear Ian

I am sending you details of our ground breaking Child Sexual Exploitation conference, which is taking place in Leeds on 11 March 2016. Please can you circulate this among your contacts?

The key messages of this event are both relevant and important to all practitioners working with children, young people and their families, as well as those conducting criminal investigations. Given the changes to legislation, and that CSE is now a national policing priority and part of Ofsted’s inspection framework, it is essential that all local services have a comprehensive understanding of best practice responses and effective partnership working.

We are currently offering discounts for multiple bookings. For bookings of 10 or more, this can substantially reduce the standard ticket price. In recognition of the role that the voluntary sector often plays, we are also offering a free place to a charity or voluntary organisation for every 5 places booked.

I am delighted to  have a high calibre of confirmed speakers for the event, including Alexis Jay, Louise Casey, Andrew Norfolk, Zoe Lodrick, John Drew, DI Gemma Booth, David Greenwood along with  involvement and contributions from a group of survivors and family members of victims of CSE in Rotherham

 We also have some high profile attendees including a representative from No 10, Dame Esther Rantzen, the legal advisor to the Director of Public Prosecutions, Lorraine Reid from the Department of Education and Hannah Meyer from the Department of Troubled Families to name a few.

 The event offers a unique opportunity for those attending to :

•         Reflect on the lessons learned from Rotherham 

•         Hear from experts in this field and have an opportunity to network with a range of practitioners from all service areas throughout the UK

•         Find out about some of the models of good practice that have developed, as well as identifying some of the  areas still requiring consideration

•         Hear from survivors and their families, and how they have contributed to the development  of  policy      and    procedures across the UK

 I am attaching a flyer giving further details of the event. There is also a dedicated website for the event –

  Thank you again for your support

 Yours sincerely

 Adele Gladman


Safeguarding Children Training and Consultancy Limited”

Find out more about our National Child Sexual Exploitation Conference on 11 March in Leeds @

Thank you to our sponsors of this event – Switalskis LLP; Intersol Global; Jessica Kingsley Publishers

01226 388540


Well articulated article that covers many of the issues.

You know that things may be getting a little out of hand when the head of the Metropolitan Police Bernard Hogan-Howe is forced to publicly raise concerns that the current approach to child sexual abuse cases may be going too far. To informed observers this should be no surprise – Mark Barlow and I warned back in 2012 of the dangers of the new approach advocated by the then DDP Keir Starmer , now MP for Holborn and St Pancras.

What are the concerns being expressed by Bernard Hogan-Howe? It is considered that public confidence has suffered as a result of the recent controversies over Operation Midland and, in particular, that it may be wrong for police to start a case by making public declarations that ‘they believe the victims are telling the truth’.

The Commissioner believes now that the starting point should change. In 2014, Her Majesty’s Inspector of Constabulary said: ‘The presumption that a victim should always be believed should be institutionalised.’ And so now a complaint of sexual abuse must now be recorded as a crime.

link to the full article in The Justice Gap here.