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December 2015

Two years ago the BBC broadcast a short programme to coincide with the 30th anniversary of the Police and Criminal Evidence Act (PACE) being enacted throughout England and Wales. An act designed to regulate the way police (and investigators) managed many elements of the investigation process with a particular focus on the management, treatment whilst in detention, and interviewing of suspects.

There was an acknowledgement that whilst confessions still had a place in the CJ system, PACE combined with the recording of interviews did a huge amount to ensure that miscarriages of justice such as the Birmingham 6, Cardiff 3, and Guildford 4, were very unlikely to occur as a result of suspect interviewing (usually focussed on interrogation and coerced confession in those days). Miscarriages occur both ways, the guilty evading justice as well as the innocent being convicted.

As an aside, it’s perhaps worthy of reflection that 30 years on, despite some advances, the management of witness interviewing remains low on the agenda and the skill neglected – notwithstanding witness testimony remains the bedrock of investigation in the face of an over reliance on cctv, DNA etc prompting the view:

“Future miscarriages of justice are much more likely to arise from poor witness interviewing than suspect interviewing”

Cash and resource investment in ‘traditional’ forensic sciences does not represent value for money when it is thrown away with a forensically poor opening question by an investigative interviewer.

This radio programme is a really good summary of the journey of suspect interviewing in the UK. With key contributions from the management team of Intersol Global and their valued consultant associates, uniquely placed to support organisations through change processes, embedding the principle of Extraordinary Case Management (ECM™) within any organisation that undertakes an investigative process.

We’ve walked the journey!

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Happy Christmas and very best wishes for there New Year.

Ian Hynes, CEO Intersol Global.

The senior management at Intersol Global were key advisors and supported the production of the 3 part BBC ‘Eyewitness’ series examining how, through the staging of crimes and investigations, eyewitnesses’ experiences and memories are documented and tested. The series explores how the memory of an eyewitness can prove crucial to finding and convicting an offender in any investigative process, while also recognising the risks an inaccurate memory can bring, possibly leading to the conviction of an innocent party or wrongful accusation or dismissal of an employee.

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Intersol Global (IG) can support businesses, institutions, or individuals, to develop their existing internal investigation processes still further – positioning excellent investigation and interviewing skills firmly at the heart of Extraordinary Case Management (ECM)

The very title is insulting and derogatory, linguistically creating a mountain to climb from the outset. A really good read courtesy of The Economist. At Intersol Global we have developed an innovative process to best secure accurate accounts from those seeking to redress inappropriate conduct or behaviour, to improve performance, preserving and enhancing reputation whilst best taking care of the employees welfare.

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The tone of compliance comes from the entire management team. If executives take continuing education seriously — from the onboarding stage and throughout an employee’s tenure — this critical component of compliance culture can go a long way toward changing behaviour.

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